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Grand Hôtel

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Did you ever wonder about the difference between a hotel and a hôtel. Well, I suppose it's like they say: if you have to ask you don't need to ask... This is the Grand Hôtel at Blasieholmen, fully equipped with five stars and the lot.

Blasieholmen (map) 3 June 2008


Anonymous said...

Comes complete with a Rolls-Royce at the door!

Gerald (SK14) said...

I hardly recognised it except for balconies. I don't think I really looked at the reception area (probably blocked by parked vehicles) and of course the evening lights make a great difference.

stromsjo said...

Didn't know that was a Rolls, Peter! Most appropriate at this particular address, I'd say.

I remembered your post and made a point of returning at a different time of day, Gerald.

Thanks guys for commenting. We might have another shot of the Grand later on.

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