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#6 in a series of 6

The coach stops and our guide tell us that this is probably the most photographed place in Stockholm; that we probably all want to take our own picture of it.

First I showed you some sky.

Secondly some water.

Thirdly some more sky.

Fourthly I revealed some buildings and a photographer, sufficient for at least one person to recognise the locality.

Fifthly I showed the whispy cloud from #1 and the bird in the sky from #3 together with the top of the building in question.

So here now is the whole thing.

Was it worth waiting for?

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stromsjo said...

Presenting something bit by bit is an interesting approach but I suppose there should preferably be at least some miniscule clue in every piece. Such as, in this case, a lot of sky with one of the three golden crowns showing at the bottom. Thanks for the experiment, I don't think we ever tried slicing a single photo this way before.

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