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Thanks to sculptor Alfred Nyström we can still see poet and composer Carl Michael Bellman sitting at Hasselbacken. Incidentally, here's where he used to live.
Hazeliusbacken (map) 29 May 2008


nocturne for af chapman

Here's a graceful ship, properly renovated and now back by Skeppsholmen
Skeppsholmen (map) 27 May 2008


Löka village at Möja

... Löka village from the sea


Tourists with Cameras

The City Hall is behind us.

A couple of people are admiring the Mälardrottningen, a floating hotel and restaurant.

Others, including our coach driver who is on the left and the young lady who is our guide, appear to be looking at something else.

Could it be this?


Hasselbacken is a hotel and restaurant on Djurgården, next to the open-air museum Skansen as well as amusement park Gröna lund
Hazeliusbacken (map) 29 May 2008


Vaxholm castle

Vaxholm Castle sits on an island just east of the Swedish village of Vaxholm.
The Castle was originally constructed by Gustav Vasa in 1544 to defend Stockholm against shipborne attacks from the east, but most of the current structure dates from 1863. Russian prisoners-of-war were used in part to build the fort.
The stretch of water below the building was formerly the main sea route to Stockholm. Thus, the fortress was strategically situated to defend the city from naval attacks. The castle was attacked by the Danes in 1612 and the Russian navy in 1719.
Since the mid 19th century, its military importance has ceased. Today, it is home to the Swedish National Museum of Coastal Defence. (Wikipedia)


arlanda (2)

...previously on plenty

Care for some tourist information while you're spending a moment in Terminal 5 at Arlanda Airport?
Arlanda, terminal 5 (map) 13 July 2008


A view at Löka

Another picture taken at Löka guest harbour...


upgraded viking ship

Traditional Viking ships have been upgraded over the years. The square sail is gone. Other features have been added, here are a couple of lifeboats.
Stadsgårdshamnen (map) 23 May 2008


Boathouses at Möja

This picture of old boathouses is taken in Löka guest harbour at Möja in the archipelago of Stockholm. Möja is one of the most popular islands for travellers and boaters, and is also significant in size.
A lot of old houses and buildings are well preserved at Möja, if you visit the island you will get a feeling of how people used to live here many years ago. For an example these boat houses were used by sailors or fishermen to keep there boats and fishing tools in.


#6 in a series of 6

The coach stops and our guide tell us that this is probably the most photographed place in Stockholm; that we probably all want to take our own picture of it.

First I showed you some sky.

Secondly some water.

Thirdly some more sky.

Fourthly I revealed some buildings and a photographer, sufficient for at least one person to recognise the locality.

Fifthly I showed the whispy cloud from #1 and the bird in the sky from #3 together with the top of the building in question.

So here now is the whole thing.

Was it worth waiting for?

rågsved by day

Rågsved ("Rye Parch") on the southernmost outskirts of the Stockholm municipality has that certain sleepy suburb feeling on a Monday afternoon. Here's the local shopping center.
Rågsved centrum (map) 12 May 2008


The Stockholm archipelago

A view outside of Möja, an island in Stockholm archipelago.

Interested in pictures on the archipelago? Lucky you! This coming week I will post a couple of my new pictures on the Stockholm archipelago...


'twas midnight

Doesn't get any darker at this time of year. Rotebro square at midnight a week before Midsummer.
Rotebro torg (map) 16 June 2008


bed of roses

Remember AGA station on the Lidingö tramway? We took another look last Thursday.

Aga station (map) 10 July 2008


The 36 steps alley

Here is another picture taken in the old town of Stockholm. This is “Mårten Trotzigs gränd”. To learn more about the alley, and why it got its name, read this quote from Wikipedia:

"Mårten Trotzigs gränd ("Alley of Mårten Trotzig") is an alley in the old town of Stockholm. The alley is named after the merchant and burgher Mårten Trotzig (1559-1617), who, born in Wittenberg, immigrated to Stockholm in 1581, and bought properties in the alley in 1597 and 1599, also opening a shop there. His original German name is said to have been Traubtzich, but he is also mentioned under various other names, such as Trutzich, Trutzigh, Trusick, Trotuitz, Tråtzich, Trotzigh, and Tråsse.
According to sources from the late 16th century, he was dealing in first iron and later copper, by 1595 had sworn his burgher oath, and was later to become one of the richest merchants in Stockholm. He was however beaten to death during a trip to Kopparberg in 1617."
Leading from Västerlånggatan up to Prästgatan (the Priests street), the width of its 36 steps tapers down to a mere 90 cm, making the alley the narrowest street in Stockholm.


In the unlikely event that your arrival to Stockholm Arlanda Airport would be accompanied by less than perfect weather, here's a serious roof over one of several taxi stations...

Arlanda, terminal 5 (map) 12 July 2008


guardian angel

Of course this is how they look. Haven't seen one before? Me neither. This one seems to have failed its mission though, since the text behind it says "In memoriam". Now we're soon at the end of the journey on the Northern Cemetery. One pic is still waiting for release though.

Norra begravningsplatsen (map) 8 March 2008

mid-month theme: subway day

Thanks to artists Staffan Hallström and Lasse Andréasson there is artwork in the Masmo subway station as well. Several paintings share a common theme, "bring the sun down into the subway".

subway day is a mid-month theme shared by the following blogs:
Budapest - New York City - Paris - Stockholm

T-Masmo (map) 19 May 2008


The Priests street

My first picture on this blog. What could be better to start with a picture from the oldest parts of Stockholm - Gamla stan (the Old town). This is a picture of Prästgatan (The Priests street) which I took today.
Prästgatan is stretching north to south, through the entire old town. The street is placed inside of the defensive wall wich once upon a time protected the old town. The famous painter Carl Larsson was born in a building by this street in 1853.

#5 in a series of 6

The coach stops and our guide tell us that this is probably the most photographed place in Stockholm; that we probably all want to take our own picture of it.

First I showed you some sky.

Secondly some water.

Thirdly some more sky.

Fourthly I revealed some buildings and a photographer, sufficient for at least one person to recognise the locality.

Now before I reveal the whole thing in its entirety here is the whispy cloud from #1 and the bird in the sky from #3 together with the top of the building in question.

birka paradise (2)

...previously on plenty

The M/S Birka Paradise once again leaving Stadsgården

Stadsgårdshamnen (map) 23 May 2008


Grand Hôtel

...previously on plenty

Did you ever wonder about the difference between a hotel and a hôtel. Well, I suppose it's like they say: if you have to ask you don't need to ask... This is the Grand Hôtel at Blasieholmen, fully equipped with five stars and the lot.

Blasieholmen (map) 3 June 2008


the högdalen rooster

...previously on plenty

Högdalen has a neon rooster overlooking its shopping center. In fact, it appears twice in this photo. Can you spot it?

Högdalen centrum (map) 12 May 2008


pictures never lie ?

I'd say they do. Most of the time. Like this time. There's no chance a 23m fountain starts in one chimney and ends in another on a rooftop. No, the truth is that the angle just happened to fit. This is a second picture of the fountain found on Pixels earlier.

Nacka Strand (map) 25 June 2008


You don't need a yacht to catch some fish in the city. Sometimes you can have it all at once but this gentleman didn't seem overly impressed by the Pelorus or maybe he was just tired of all people snapping photos around him.

Stadsgårdshamnen (map) 23 May 2008

#4 in a series of 6

The coach stops and our guide tell us that this is probably the most photographed place in Stockholm; that we probably all want to take our own picture of it.

Since we are here I do take a picture but why would I want to just copy a scene that I could easily buy a good-focused one of on a postcard?

Maybe you know where we are or maybe you don't. Before I reveal the whole picture, let's skate around it.

First: Take a look at some sky.

Second: Take a look at some water.

Third: Take a look at some more of the sky

Fourth: Now we have some sky (some of the same sky as in #3; some water but not actually the same patch as in #2; another photographer.

Do you know where we are yet?


escalating in högdalen

...previously on plenty

Högdalen can lift your spirit (and your body as well). Here's an escalator in the subway station.

Högdalen centrum (map) 12 May 2008


Bird at sail boat

I don't know how to translate the Swedish expression "bryggseglare" but the owner of this boat must be true one. A "bryggseglare" is a person who owns a boat and most of the time hangs around in the marina instead of being out sailing, he or she also talks very much and always has a story to tell. Picture taken at Ekerö outside Stockholm in Lake Mälaren.

The tied up bit

Almost everyone can tie a knot, but it takes more. You have to know the art of untying knots to be successful as a sailor. Picture taken at Ekerö in Lake Mälaren.

Bridge over calm water

This bridge is the only way to town if you live on Ekerö, Munsö or Adelsö in Lake Mälaren. Behind the corner on the other side of the bridge is a small cafe with excellent shrimp sandwiches to a reasonable price and you can more your boat just outside the place.

berns summer club

Wandering through Stockholm city in the still of an early Monday morning we reach Berzelii Park. The sounds of clubbing from the summer terrace at Berns annihilate the silence.

Berns salonger (map) 2 June 2008


Loading or unloading

Sometimes when you need to move a boat you need a boat. This is the northernmost part of Stockholm County at position N60°12'58" E018°43'32".

Bits att the end of the road

Bits at Lat: N60°12'58" Long: E018°43'32", the end of the road. The picture is taken at the far end of north Singö in Stockholm county (Stockholms Län).


colourful challenge

Once upon a time there was a sunny Monday in early May when we were still completely baffled by the green colours around us. The florist Blomsterhandeln Mimosa by Odengatan boldly competed offering flowers as well.

Odengatan (map) 5 May 2008


I wonder

who might have his/her last resting-ground behind this "A". Judging by the size it might be a family-grave. Did you think we were finished at the Northern Cemetery ? Soon - but not quite yet.

Norra begravningsplatsen (map) 8 March 2008

nocturne for slussen (2)

...previously on plenty

Feel like having an elevated experience? Using this bridge you can reach the Gondolen restaurant-with-a-view. The Katarinahissen elevator would be an obvious alternative requiring a modest fee.

Slussen (map) 5 May 2008

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