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#2 in a series of 6

The coach stops and our guide tell us that this is probably the most photographed place in Stockholm; that we probably all want to take our own picture of it.

Since we are here I do take a picture but why would I want to just copy a scene that I could easily buy a good-focused one of on a postcard?

Maybe you know where we are or maybe you don't. Before I reveal the whole picture, let's skate around it.

First: Take a look at the sky.

Second: Take a look at the water.


stromsjo said...

Well, it looks... wet. You're keeping us in suspense, Gerald.

There's a commercial campaign going on at the moment where a travel company promises us that they've hidden something valuable somewhere in town and their website it the place to look for clues. I hope they are a bit more specific than this... ;)

Kris McCracken said...

I really like this shot too. You're doing a terrific job of keeping us on ice until the (as a student of mine once said) "piece of resistance"!

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