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was this view of mosaic windows, inside one of the grave-chambers, at the Northern cemetery. At first I just wanted to take a closeup of the "shield" on the massive door, but to my surprise there was a little more to it, so the shield got lesser attention for a while.

Norra begravningsplatsen (map) 8 March 2008


Pia K said...

Nicely captured. Myself I'd probably never go that close since my (too) vivid imagination except a bloodshot eye to turn up on the other side of that door...:)

stromsjo said...

A rewarding moment for the careful observer. Good shot!

Järnladyn said...

Läckert! :)

Bernt Seipl said...

Pia K: If that would happen, I would stop sneaking up that close too....

Per & Järnladyn: Thanks, I guess this view is lost to most beholders.

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