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Springtime Stockholm, part 5 (5)

In the very southern outskirts of Stockholm's suburbs lies the old Salem church. A church with an unusual, charming and befittingly placid cemetery for the final rest, beautifully situated near the lake of Bornsjön. The church has been rebuilt during many centuries but the tower and the baptismal font, both still in place, stem from the 12 century.
This cemetery is a lovely place for peaceful walks while contemplating our brief moment here on earth, and when springtime amidst all these burial places you'll find tiny signs of new life, of hope, of new beginnings since the place is simply brimming with adorable, tiny primulas.
If you happen to be in the vicinity, do pay this place of tranquility a visit, I'm certain it has it's merits all year around.


stromsjo said...

An irresistible glimpse from this cemetery and (if I'm not mistaken) our very first post from the municipality of Salem. A reason to celebrate.

Pia K said...

Thanks, Per!

Kiwi said...

Thank you Pia for taking us to this beautiful place!

Pia K said...

Thanks, Peter!

Andrea Gerák said...

This church is on my list to visit and take some shots. Thanks!

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