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Springtime Stockholm, part 3 (5)


Some people are fortunate enough to be able to enjoy this spectacular view from a veranda of their own whenever they find the time.

Others, perhaps less fortunate in the veranda perspective of Stockholm, might still have a stroke of luck being invited to coffee in the garden below the veranda. A place which offers an almost as spectacular view as the perspective from above.



stromsjo said...

The question is, would one appreciate this view as much if it was available every day?

Thanks Pia for relentlessly highlighting spring in this city of ours.

Pia K said...

Oh, that's something I often ponder about, if people living in a certain privileged place, or having a very privileged life really appreciate what they have. I suppose that goes for all of us really. The grass often seems to be so much greener somewhere else. And besides, there's a whole lot more to living that a pretty view. This could become a very long comment, so I'll leave it at that:)

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