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At the Tram Stop

Here is the tram stop and that workman again.


stromsjo said...

...and a red bus as well. I would prefer to have more trams and fewer buses.

Gerald (Ackworth born) said...

anybody any idea what the workman is up to?

stromsjo said...

Not a clue.

Kiwi said...

Per: I'm sure you would like more trams in the city! I'm also sure that your car won't cross the city boundaries. But I agree, modern trams are OK. And I have, as you very well know, sold my car ;o) Cars and trams don't mix.

Ackworth: He's handling a cable. Given the place - a square in front of the theatre with a busy crossing and bus/tram stops - I would guess he's doing something with the traffic or street lights, maybe some announcement system or priority signalling for the public transport.

stromsjo said...

Nope, I wouldn't be driving there. Sort of ironic since my car is among those relieved from the congestion tax... ;)

Your cable analysis is probably spot on. Maybe not an announcement system but priority signalling, yes, or maybe simply some light for the bus shelter.

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