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Feeling a bit congested today? Well, Stockholm did so we got ourselves a brand new tax. (You know how serious we Swedes are about our taxes so naturally we wouldn't be taking this matter lightly!) The congestion tax was accompanied by a large outcry of populous discontent. Then we had local elections, the opposition came to power and wisely changed their minds making this whole matter a non-issue. The tax is imposed on Swedish registered vehicles driving into and out of the inner city on weekdays between 6.30 a.m. and 6.29 p.m. Air quality is up, traffic congestion is down and the tax brings additional money to reinvest in our infrastructure. Vehicles are registered automatically at “control points”, here we see a bunch of cameras busy operating at the Skanstull Bridge.
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Skanstullsbron (map) 20 Jan 2008

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Kiwi said...

Brilliant caption to a scary photo. I think there's a bunch of antennas on the roof of the building also. Very good Per!

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