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Berzelii Park

Nobody responded to my last post on dry land.

Whether you didn't know or didn't care, no matter.

This is Berzelii Park, or at least the entrance thereto. In the hot summer of 1951, it was the scene of the so called Berzelii Riots, when bored, and often drunk young people gathered in the park night after night. The continuing riots escalated and reached their peak on the night of August 26, when there was a stand off between 3000 young people and policemen called in from five different cites, including military police.

Whether these stones are some kind of memorial to that day, I have no idea. At first I thought it was an outdoor chess set, but clearly it is some sort of artwork. Is it still there?


stromsjo said...

I didn't have a clue about your last post and neither did anyone else, apparently.

We're looking at the Raoul Wallenberg Square. As for this artwork, it's very much permanent and has been the topic of heated debate. It's an abstract monument by the Danish artist Kirsten Ortwed in memory of Raoul Wallenberg. I wouldn't call it a success but then again art is so subjective and - who knows - given time we might view it differently.

Kiwi said...

Ditto that.

It's good to be lectured about Stockholm history by one of our distinguished tourists!

Gerald (Ackworth born) said...

Many thanks for the enlightening information.

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