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early spring (2)

Spring has finally arrived to this market square by Torkel Knutsson Street on Södermalm

Torkel Knutssonsgatan/Hornsgatan (map) 30 Mar 2008


Back to the Grand

My tour on the water is almost over as we pull back alongside the Grand Hotel

skärholmens kyrka (2)

...previously on plenty

The collection Vatten för livet ("Water for Life") was very visible in the Skärholmen Church

Skärholmens kyrka (map) 10 Mar 2008



Originally intended for appearances by large circus companies, Cirkus on Djurgården was opened in 1892

Cirkus (map) 13 Jan 2008


svea torn (2)

...previously on plenty

"If you wait long enough, everything changes" (Carl Sagan)

Svea torn (map) 23 Feb 2008


National Museum

The National Museum of Sweden as seen from the water


super size them

These guys are pretty impressive and they're clearly into fast food. The two swans in the Karlberg Canal spent thirty seconds investigating whether I had anything edible in store and then moved on to other hunting grounds.

Karlbergskanalen (map) 19 Mar 2008


light rail from Sickla Udde

They say you can't have it both ways. They're wrong. You can take the tram to Sickla Udde. And you can return towards Alvik.

Skanstullsbron (map) 20 Jan 2008


allotment garden cottage

On Södermalm you can find several areas with kolonistugor ("weekend cottages"). Here they have to share their view with newly built apartments though. Picture taken south of Ringvägen by Eriksdalsbadet.

Eriksdalsbadet (map) 8 Mar 2008



From this angle, the Vasa Museum appears rather dark and mysterious

Vasamuseet (map) 13 Jan 2008


the af-Chapman again

I've given this picture of the af-Chapman a sepia tone, in keeping, I hope with its age.

What would it have looked like in the 1950s when it first began service as a youth hostel?

How different, I wonder, will it look when it is returned in 2008.


mid-month theme: subway day

A passenger happily exiting the Bergshamra subway station

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T-Bergshamra (map) 23 Feb 2008


hammarby sjöstad

More houses of concrete and glass are built at the waterfront in Hammarby sjöstad ("Hammarby town-by-the-sea")

Hammarby kanal (map) 8 Mar 2008


skärholmens kyrka

This tree enjoying the warmth inside the church in Skärholmen doesn't have to await the arrival of spring

Skärholmens kyrka (map) 10 Mar 2008


af Chapman

Earlier I showed you some rigging.

Here is the whole ship.

Seemingly it entered service as the Dunboyne in 1888 and once carried passengers between Ireland and Australia. During World War II it was a Swedish Navy barracks ship.

Since 1949, the af-Chapman , as it is now known, has been used as a youth hostel.

Shortly after this picture was taken, it was towed away for renovation, but is due to return later this year.


me escalate too

Inspired by Peter's grand escalators, here's a wanna-be from Odenplan

Odenplan (map) 25 Dec 2007


early spring

Spring is approaching. Here's reliable evidence from Vintertullstorget.

Vintertullstorget (map) 8 Mar 2008


how difficult can it be?

Car driving has never been easier. An abundance of signs make everything crystal clear on Djurgården.

Djurgårdsbron (map) 13 Jan 2008


last summer (2)

Sofia Church seen from Folkungagatan ("Elected King St") looking up towards Beckbrännarbacken ("Tar Burning Hill")

Folkungagatan/Beckbrännarbacken (map) August 2007


universitetet (6)

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As the sun regains its former strength these balconies at the University Library in Frescati will be mighty popular again

Universitetet (map) 27 Jan 2008



The rigging of a three-masted schooner.

If you look closely you may see a seagull in there somewhere.

What's the ship?
Where has it been?
Where is it going?

Some of you will know. I'll show you more later.


ball of reflection

Spherical artwork in Marievik, not terribly far from that semaphore

Marievik (map) 4 Nov 2007


first attempt in Bromsten

This was the first graffiti painting on the wall in Bromsten (that I saw). Anyone who can read the text ? It should say "Circle" (the guy who did it). Try to find the letters. I was amazed when I saw it. It was by far the best I had seen up to then. Later on I found several more done by him and his friend Weird. At that time (around the late 80's) they were among the best in Stockholm. There was also a guy called Puppet, who was really top notch.

Bromsten (map) 1990

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