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svea torn

Next to the old cracking façade, something new emerges!

Svea torn (map) 23 Feb 2008


last summer

At the North Hammarby Harbor opposite Hammarby Sjöstad, a lot of ships can be found that are used as floating summer houses or as permanent homes.

Norra Hammarbyhamnen (map) July 2007


universitetet (5)

...previously on plenty

Tens of thousands of students in Frescati need lots of service. In Allhuset you can find the Student Union's Reception Office (Kårexpeditionen) and a book store. Continue a few steps to Lantis for your daily lunch.

Universitetet (map) 27 Jan 2008

On the water

I've been on this canalboat for some time now. The guide has been pointing out this and that while I've jotted notes and taken photos. Information overload is setting in.

I think that is Skeppsholmen over there and one of the city's numerous museums, but I'm not sure I really want to know. I'm sitting low down in the cool waters on this summer sunny day. Let's just relax and watch the world go by.



Saltsjöqvarn mill, built in 1890 on the shore of Saltsjön (salt lake) in the entrance to Stockholm. The mill is now closed and flats are being built in the surroundings. The building itself is regarded as architecturally valuable because it is in its original state.

Danvikstull/Saltsjön (map) 17 January 2008

let there be dragons

We went dragon hunting a while back. Bernt was successful. This is what I snapped at the very same spot in the Old Town. Good old St George, on a blog near you.

Köpmanbrinken (map) 23 Jan 2008



Back at Hellasgården, situated south-east of the city. The Christmas tree is still around.

Hellasgården (map) 16 Feb 2008



Old bridge, new bridge, seen them before. Here at a distance from Marievik.

Årstabron (map) 4 Nov 2007


Sunday morning at Södermalm (4)

Of course there are some red houses at Nytorget :)

Nytorget (map) 10 Feb 2008


Hazelius' Skansen

Skansen is the oldest open-air museum in the world, founded by Artur Hazelius in 1891. Through living history Hazelius wanted to show how people in different parts of Sweden used to live and work in older days. The museum - and the zoological park - is open year around and well worth a visit. On the photo we see a bust of the founder close to the gate bearing his name.

Want to see more?

Skansen (map) 13 January 2008

universitetet (4)

...previously on plenty

Structuralism refers to architecture turning into arrangements of interchangeable modules. The Arrhenius Laboratory in Frescati is a good example with prefabricated standard elements of concrete.

Universitetet (map) 27 Jan 2008

glowing edges

I took my original photograph of the Gröna Lund Tivoli and gave it some glowing edges.

Do you like the effect?


Sunday morning at Södermalm (3)

A sculpture in the playground at Nytorget - appropriately called "Play"

Nytorget (map) 10 Feb 2008


Spring is in the (H)air

As soon as there's the slightest hint of Spring in the air almost every kind of Stockholmer get excited wanting to look their best - even the cobblestone streets like to get whatever hair they have done. Curling stone style.

1 Euro for your thoughts

Why have a simple tax when we can have a complicated one? In case anyone actually has time to read it, this sign is placed at one of the congestion tax control points, on the Skanstull Bridge. Incidentally, SEK10 is slightly more than 1 Euro.

Skanstullsbron (map) 20 Jan 2008

Valentine's over

Valentine is over and love has gone. Everything is back to normal.

Västra Trädgårdsgatan (map) 15 February 2008


plenty big ad

A huge advertisement for the city centre shopping mall Gallerian.

Gallerian/Hamngatan (map) 5 Oct 2007


Aunty O revisited

There's a lot to be seen from the Liljeholmen Bridge. Here's a November glimpse of Aunty O's Mountain (formerly known as Tantoberget).

Liljeholmsbron (map) 4 Nov 2007


Sunday morning at Södermalm (2)

Here's a sculpture found at the corner of Katarina Bangata and Östgötagatan

Katarina Bangata (map) 10 Feb 2008


universitetet (3)

...previously on plenty

Life on a Sunday afternoon in the University Library at Frescati isn't exactly hectic

Universitetet (map) 27 Jan 2008


inside Slussen

Inside the old traffic hub Slussen is a garage and service station. See more of Slussen here and here.

Slussen (map) 6 January 2008

Sunday morning at Södermalm

Walking in the quarters where Katarina Bangata crosses Östgötagatan, you could find a lot of nice ornaments on the walls of the houses

Katarina Bangata (map) 10 Feb 2008


gustaf vasa kyrka (2)

I can't tear myself away from this church, here's another one

Odenplan (map) 25 Dec 2007


destruction/construction redux

We once again turn our lenses towards the (not so) old mail centre at Klara to see how mankind is progressing. I count four machines against one building.

Södra Klarabergskopplet (map) 6 Jan 2008

cast in concrete (3)

Mind your head, this is heavy stuff.
We're under the Liljeholmen bridge.

Liljeholmsbron (map) 4 Nov 2007


after the snow came (4)

Walking up from the Hammarby channel to Ringvägen, a bleak sun was shining

Årstavikens koloniområde (map) Feb 2007


Beckholmen Docks

Herewith last week's giraffes in their natural setting of the docks at Beckholmen


universitetet (2)

...previously on plenty

Not everything at Frescati is frightfully old. Here's a glassed path leading to (or from?) the Arrhenius Laboratory in the northern part of the campus.

Universitetet (map) 27 Jan 2008


the border

Yes, exactly here is the border between the cities of Solna and Stockholm.

Norrtull (map), 2 Jan 2008

gustaf vasa kyrka

A parting shot of Gustaf Vasa Church from Karlbergsvägen. Full story here.

Odenplan (map) 25 Dec 2007


cast in concrete (2)

The term "overhead" gets a new meaning under the Liljeholmen Bridge. It's a lot prettier from other angles.

Liljeholmsbron (map) 4 Nov 2007

print it

If you come to Stockholm from south by rail, you cannot miss this building. It's right on the entrance of Stockholm Central station. You won't see it exactly like this of course. In the daytime it's somewhat less good-looking. This is taken from Riksbron. The title connection? Oh, I almost forgot. Most of you watching, are not familiar with this. It's a publishing company.

Nordstedts (map) 23 Jan 2008


winter waterway

As Per wrote today on Stockholm by pixels: "We travel across our waterways, we fish in the inner city and during those flickering short moments of Nordic summer we swim in this surprisingly clean water" and "January 2008 didn't bring us any winter weather".

So true. This photo was taken a fortnight ago in South central Stockholm. The house is on the isle Reimersholme and the marina on the right is on the island of Långholmen. The canoeist is on his way from Riddarfjärden where lay City Hall on Per's photo.

Långholmsbron (map), 13 Jan 2008

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