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first attempt in Bromsten

This was the first graffiti painting on the wall in Bromsten (that I saw). Anyone who can read the text ? It should say "Circle" (the guy who did it). Try to find the letters. I was amazed when I saw it. It was by far the best I had seen up to then. Later on I found several more done by him and his friend Weird. At that time (around the late 80's) they were among the best in Stockholm. There was also a guy called Puppet, who was really top notch.

Bromsten (map) 1990


Neva said...

I see what you mean!

Ben Nakagawa said...

Those graffiti artist has some common method or style base. I see anywhere in the world, there is a lest one smiler style of graffiti, if not many.

Lirare said...

Texten lyder "Circle" ja. Gubbarna gjorda av Weird.
Lägg gärna upp mer graffiti, eller vilka bilder som helst från det området om du har några!


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