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King Frost and the heat leak

This picture clearly shows the heat leak on the roof of Sjömanshotellet in the foreground (the Seaman Hotel in English) and a lovely background. Picture is taken from the terrace of Mosebacke, long live king Sune and Mosebacke monarchy. Mosebacke monarchy or Radio Mosebacke was a radio show first sent in 6 october 1958. I'm a month older than the monarchy.

Happy New Year and nurse it

Nursing IT is something everyone must do from time to time. I have never heard a wounded computer shout Medic... in the field, but I have never been in a computer combat so what do I know.

Green light

You wouldn't believe what fun you can have with a dumpster. A fellow member of our team has a green leadlight for his camera. I couldn't resist catching it (and a part of him). Wonder what he got.

Jakobsbergs Centrum (map) 30 Dec 2008

redshift in sollentuna

The political majority in Sollentuna has been distinctly non-socialist for as long as anyone cares to remember. Here the setting sun introduces a surprise redshift giving a new glow to the old town hall.
Sollentuna centrum (map) 21 December 2008


King Frost on blue

One morning with bright sunshine in December 2008 was King Frost ("Kung Bore") visible on everything outside my house, I'm now waiting for the snow ...not!


the twin you didn't know

Some more apparent complexity at Brommaplan subway station
Brommaplan (map) 23 November 2008


attunda tingsrätt presents

A new district courthouse by architect Svante Forsström, soon in a suburb near you...
Sollentuna centrum (map) 21 December 2008


Nynäshamn (8)

The eighth of my nine photographs of Nynäshamn is looking past the Örnäsudden area of Bedarön towards the town


ho-ho-ho from jernhusen (2)

...previously on plenty

Care for some Christmas shopping while waiting for that train?
Centralen (map) 18 December 2008


I'll be blue for christmas

The Sture Mall all dressed in blue for the night. It's quite an eye-catcher, don't you agree?

Stureplan (map) 18 December 2008


carsharing in luma

Being a car owner can be a real pain for those living in the city. (And the rest of us are beginning to think likewise.) Not surprisingly, the concept of carsharing is gaining momentum in Stockholm. You pay a fixed monthly fee to be an authorized customer, book your vehicle over the Internet, pick it up and leave it at fixed locations.

Kölnavägen, Hammarby sjöstad (map) 23 November 2008


cape liljeholmen

Houston, we are a go for liftoff. Then again, maybe not?
Liljeholmen (map) 14 December 2008


closer to Stureplan

... you might see this sight. Provided you stand where I did. On one of the two bridges crossing Kungsgatan. Next time we will get even closer.

Kungsgatan (map) 18 December 2008

mind the windmill (4)

...previously on plenty

Once again, the terraced garden at Waldemarsudde with its linseed oil windmill from 1784
Waldemarsudde (map) 1 November 2008


Nynäshamn (7)

For my seventh of nine photographs of Nynäshamn, we have a slightly closer view of the islands of Norra Stegholmen, Södra Stegholmen and Bedarön.

I've been trying to find out a little more about these islands but it hasn't been easy.

A picture of Bedarön can be found on How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Herring; another can be found on Nynäskajaks blogg and there is also another here.


ho-ho-ho from jernhusen

The railroads have been connecting people for well over a century. What better place then to wish everyone a very merry Christmas?
Centralen (map) 14 December 2008


all saints' day (5)

...previously on plenty

All Saints' Day at the Woodland Cemetery is an overwhelming manifestation of love, grief and hope
Skogskyrkogården (map) 1 November 2008


It's too cold outside, let's go inside

Even the snowmen are moving inside now. This group was observed in Tumba shopping mall today, amusing the bypassers.

Tumba (map) 13 Dec 2008


"mine's bigger than yours" (2)

...previously on plenty

It's not the length of the bus. It's how you drive it.
Kista centrum (map) 31 October 2008


the fiddler went south

Same roofs, slightly different season...
Tunnelgatan (map) 27 October 2008


Nynäshamn (6)

For my sixth of nine photographs of Nynäshamn, we have turned Westwards away from the islands of Norra Stegholmen and Södra Stegholmen to Bedarön.

The islet in the foreground is Finnhällorna.


skansen all year long

The open air museum Skansen on Djurgården attracts people throughout the year. November? So what!
Skansen (map) 1 November 2008


the sleepy commuter

After a long day it's good to know that someone else takes care of the driving
Hanstavägen (map) 31 October 2008


Nynäshamn (5)

For my fifth of nine photographs of Nynäshamn, we have turned 180 degrees looking South towards Norra Stegholmen and Sodra Stegholmen.



Ever since 1931... Höglandsskolan in Bromma remains popular
Höglandstorget (map) 6 October 2008



The Gallerian shopping mall as seen across Government Street
Gallerian/Regeringsgatan (map) 7 October 2008


sickla extra cheese

At Lugnets Allé, a painted tribute to a local fast food establishment
Sickla kaj (map) 23 November 2008


can-do crew

Bob the Builder will be back tomorrow. Let's call it a day at Alströmer Street!
Alströmergatan (map) 30 September 2008


mind the windmill (3)

...previously on plenty

This oil windmill from 1784 is still standing at Waldemarsudde
Waldemarsudde (map) 1 November 2008


Nynäshamn (4)

For my forth of nine photographs of Nynäshamn, we are looking North-North-Easterly in the direction of Stockholm.

I'm not certain but I think the islands in view include Västra Slangholmen and Östra Slangholmen.


all saints' day (4)

...previously on plenty

One of many families in a chapel at the Woodland Cemetery
Skogskyrkogården (map) 1 November 2008


sankt eriksbron

When was the last time you got your spouse a bridge? Here is St Eric Bridge again.
Sankt Eriksbron (map) 20 September 2008


mind the windmill (2)

...previously on plenty

Don't mess with the windmill. It's being properly defended by cannon!
Waldemarsudde (map) 1 November 2008


all saints' day (3)

...previously on plenty

Gas torches were lit at 3PM to mark this All Saints' Day at the Woodland Cemetery
Skogskyrkogården (map) 1 November 2008


Nynäshamn (3)

For my third of nine photographs of Nynäshamn, I'm panning outwards to show you the gasworks and lighthouse together.

I like the way they have tried to hide the tanks behind the trees, although I suspect it is more a security measure than an aesthetic gesture.


solna centrum

Another peek at the fascinating subway station Solna centrum. Here's an example of "political art" from the seventies. Notice the capitalist airplane spraying the poor forest...
(T) Solna centrum (map) 20 September 2008


sickla by day

Remember this? The sunny side of Sickla Shopping Quarter.
Sickla köpkvarter (map) 28 September 2008


Nynäshamn (2)

This is the second of nine photographs of Nynäshamn.

Did you ever see a smaller lighthouse than this one?

I don't know what the yellow sign on the left says (there is one a similar distance away on the other side), but I suspect it is something like "No unauthorised access/landing".


mind the windmill

Hey, there is that mill again! We're back at Waldemarsudde and the archer is a sculpture by Carl Milles.
Waldemarsudde (map) 1 November 2008


a penny please

Back at the Hornsgatan hump (Hornsgatspuckeln). I think this is the strangest decoration: a small hand reaching out from the concrete. Someone has given the begging hand a coin.


all saints' day (2)

...previously on plenty

Lighting candles a few hours ago at the Woodland Cemetery
Skogskyrkogården (map) 1 November 2008

Stockholm by rodent

A small sculpture of a rat at the Hornsgatan hump (Hornsgatspuckeln). This section of the 2.3 kilometres long Stockholm street is decorated by some strange sculptures.


danviksbro (2)

...previously on plenty

Life is unfair. Do they really expect us to lift this huge span for that little boat? It's swing time again at Danvik Bridge.
Danviksbro (map) 28 September 2008



Much as we might wish to believe otherwise, our railroads have been neglected for decades. Here's a view from St Eric Bridge.
Sankt Eriksbron (map) 20 September 2008


Nynäshamn (1)

This is the first of nine photographs of Nynäshamn.

I thought I'd start with the least aesthetic picture, so things can only get better.



Time to read the writing on the wall. These letters are as high as one of the floors of this department store.
Klarabergsgatan (map) 28 September 2008



Maestro? An afternoon concerto for two buses, two containers and one museum!
Nationalmuseum (map) 25 September 2008


Off Hunting (for Sorrows)

Sculpture by Christian-Pontus Andersson, Odenplan subway station
Odenplan (map) 30 September 2008



Dusk under the Danvik Bridge
Danviksbro (map) 28 September 2008



A subway train arriving under Danderyd University Hospital
T-Danderyds sjukhus (map) 8 August 2008

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