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what's missing

The question of the day is "What's _issing _n Stockh_lm City?". I don't know where to begin, but as the _issing letters spell MIO I guess what's missing (in their twisted minds) is a MIO furniture store right in the middle of everything. I couldn't agree less. But who am I to say? Except that Stockholm is a nice city anyway. Why don't you come visit us?

Sveavägen (map), 27 Dec 2007 - click on pictures to enlarge


Gerald (SK14) said...

If MIO is anything like IKEA then I agree you could well do without it. I cannot believe how they can brainwash folk into believing their stuff is good taste - I suppose it the furniture equivalent of McDonalds.
IKEA opened up in a town near us - locals were kept in the dark by the local council who ran roughshod over planning permission to get an ugly building erected that dominates the landscape. I could go on but had better stop.

Happy New Year!

Kiwi said...

We sound like grumpy old men, don't we ;o)

Gerald (SK14) said...

yes we do

who cares


just been watching the NYD concert from Vienna - feeling better for that - puts me in the mood.

plenty more from Stockholm, Sweden - click on photos to enlarge!