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have a nice walk

photo: Lena Johansson

You can start a 7 km long walk here, around lake Aspen in Botkyrka south of Stockholm. Seven bridges and paths take you around. In a minute or two you are far from cars and buildings. Have a nice walk - but - in the summertime - be aware of vipers sleeping in the sun, looking fat and round, just here! Jump over them or walk another day... (Swedish text here)


Kiwi said...

Follow the path and get lost in the woods. I think I'll stay in Metropolis. Happy plenty première Lena!

Lena Möre said...

Thank you Peter. This is a suprise even for me.
I think Metropolis will be seen too near these paths, a new Gröna Lund - Tivoli - will be built closed to lake Aspen and it is said to be good for Botkyrka.
(But not for me and other walkers.)
Get lost? There are orange-coloured rings around trees to follow. Not very difficult.

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