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Bandy is a game played on an ice field the size of a soccer field, using a single round ball about the size of a tennis ball, but rock hard. Two teams of eleven players each compete to get the ball into the other team's goal using sticks. Here we see spectators entering the Zinkensdamm arena where the home team Hammarby today beat visiting Sandviken by 8 goals to 2 in the premiere bandy league. Turn to Wikipedia for everything you ever wanted to know about bandy.

Zinkensdamms IP (map), 30 Dec 2007 - click on pictures to enlarge

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stromsjo said...

The wonderful thing with small, obscure sports is that they can still hold big championships and when only a few countries take part everyone who takes the sport seriously gets medals! Well, at least most of them... :)

plenty more from Stockholm, Sweden - click on photos to enlarge!