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svenska akademien

The Swedish Academy (here) is a cultural institution, founded in the 18th century. Its purpose is to advance Swedish language and literature. Awarding the Nobel Prize in Literature is one of its recurring tasks.


Pia K said...

Nice shot, I nearly didn't recognize the place:)

And what a good job the Academy did this year, horay!

Lena Möre said...

Have you read her books.
I am ashemed to tell you I have not.
If you have, which one to start with?

Pia K said...

I must admit *ashamed too* that I've only read one, possibly some other in school which I can't remember. She writes absolutely beautifully about cats - I haven't read Om katter, yet, but people say that's a very good one indeed. I suppose if you're interested in cats that is:)

Rufus, about a stray cat of hers, is simply wonderful, so sad, so lovely, and even if it's *rather* emotional it's also an easy read. So I recommend that one:)

stromsjo said...

Awarding Doris Lessing the Academy is (for once) well in synch with the minds of many readers. I haven't read her at all so you don't have to be too ashamed I guess...

Lena Möre said...

Thank you Pia for telling me "Om katter". Yes, I am a " cat-person" but I have no cat. Perhaps one will live in my house some day, who knows.
To read "Om katter" will put up my academic level a bit, you think?
Pia! Have you read the poem
"Att ge namn åt en katt det är knepigy som katten, det finns inte..."
You can find it by #search"...

Pia K said...

Lena, oh yes, TS Eliot's of practical cats is definitely a must:)

When I haven't read books I "should" I mostly look at it like I've got a whole lot to look forward too - it's probably just silly to be ashamed...:)

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