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halo - or frostbow

Lena asked for this phenomena. This one was taken a few years back. I was on my way to work, crossing the bridge over to "Lilla Essingen", and I really couldn't help but stopping. It was the first time I ever saw one, and it was even more beautiful than the capture I got. I just gasped when I saw it, wondering what it was. The papers had articles about it the day after.
And Lena, you should be more persistant, do get the camera next time ;-)


Gerald (Ackworth born) said...

O wow I've never seen anything like this - I have some vague recollection of once having heard about the phenomenon -- I notice it is very snowy on the ground.

Lena Möre said...

Oh, what have you seen! A ROUND one. Very rare. You must be blessed in some way!
Thankyou for the picture!
When I saw the "pelare", lots of them, it was at 00.45 in the night, very dark and cold, some snow.
It was 2001 some day before Christmas.
We came with the last train from Stockholm City and we were the only ones walking from the train to our house, about 800 metres.
I did not know what I saw and first I said nothing to Claes because I was not sure he saw the same. But he did!
It took some time to understand the fenomen and Claes talked to SMHI, they just gave us congratulations...

Bernt Seipl said...

I DO feel lucky about it. Even more so as I had my camera with me. That was one occasion when it really paid off carrying it around.

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