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fountain of youth (2)

More water and less people this time in the "national fountain" by Sergels Torg (here). We'll see if we can find some youngsters during the week.

water week - seven days to celebrate a city by the water


Gerald (Ackworth born) said...

I have been trying to discover this fountain. I remember seeing it in a very busy part of the city. I knew it was some little way after Kuntsgatan but couldn't locate it as I didn't know the name. Now with the link to google-map I see we must have turned left off Kuntsgatan on to Sveavagan. When we passed by that hot June day last year it was very busy with people cooling themselves.

stromsjo said...

Sounds entirely correct. It's a popular place for cooling or - indeed - for celebrating almost anything. Unless it's winter (like now) you'd find people here literally taking a bath after all sorts of sports events. This fountain has been featured several times on pixels and will appear again tomorrow, Saturday.

Gerald (Ackworth born) said...

I've just compared it with the picture I took and it definitely tallies. Got a number of other pictures to post before getting to that one so won't post mine until later.

Spent a bit of time poring over GoogleEarth yesterday.

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