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All Saints’ Day

The All Saints’ Day feast occurs in Sweden on the first Saturday after 1 November. On this day all the saints that don’t have a particular day of their own are celebrated. Traditionally Swedes visit their ancestors’ graves and light candles. It can be a quite spectacular scene, here we see Eds Church outside Upplands Väsby in the greater Stockholm.


stromsjo said...

Spectacular shot and certainly on the right day.

Kiwi said...

Tanks Per! Yes, I think it came out well. With the "strings of light" it's almost like the spirits are dancing.

Pia K said...


Bernt Seipl said...

I agree with you, Peter. Which once again shows that you shouldn't throw away all pictures that didn't come out all that sharp. They leave a lot to the imagination, and your interpretation of the string show's just that ;-)

Lena Möre said...

Thank you for this picture.
The souls are spirits or is it the Holy Spirit you can see?
The photo is a proof for something between heaven and earth...
(Or is it the special saint belonging to this church?)

A cold winternight me and my husband Claes saw halofenomen in Tumba. From every lamp there was a "pelare" up to the sky. We were really in heaven.
I asked Claes to go for his camera but he did not.(We where sleepy.)
Have some of you got a halo in picture some time?

stromsjo said...

I haven't but Stefan in Haninge has. Here it is.

Kiwi said...

This is great! Stockholm by request ;o)

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