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skogskyrkogården (4)

A world heritage is something we're supposed to take care of and preserve for generations to come. That's easier said than done. Here's a traffic mirror at the Woodland Cemetery. Looks like it's been shot at. (map)

south of Stockholm

Navigating east bound from the north port of Öja takes us to this lovely place as far south as you can get in Stockholm. The photo shows (in order from here to there) a south navigation mark, a sector lighthouse, Landsort Approach lighthouse and pilot tower to the right. Landsort



A new commuting hub has been created (map)


eriksdalsbadet (2)

It's a dog's life by Eriksdalsbadet (here). Not allowed inside. Not allowed to run freely outside.

water week - seven days to celebrate a city by the water

leaving town

for a short trip to Sandhamn (some distance outside Stockholm), we're passing Skeppsholmen. There are quite a few boats permanently staying there. Some of them are here on this picture. Contrary to the picture from yesterday (Peter's ferry) this is obviously taken during summer.

water week - seven days to celebrate a city by the water


party waves

Viking Line's Cinderella - a floating night club and amusement ship - is arriving Stockholm Stadsgårdskajen. Cinderella is 191 meters long and 29 meters wide and carrying some 2500 passengers. It makes a daily cruise from Stockholm to Mariehamn on the Åland Isles and back again, a trip that - including stops and slow speed - takes 21 to 22 hours. Just behind Cinderella is another party ship arriving - the Birka Paradise. It's makes the same daily trip.

water week - seven days to celebrate a city by the water


feather islets

This is what awaits you if you go by boat for about 25 minutes from central Stockholm. The feather islets (Fjäderholmarna) are the closest part of the archipelago. You can go there and have a good meal, or to try whisky (if you desire). Swedens largest (only?) whisky-destillery, Mackmyra, has chosen these islets to mature some of their whisky (not in the open though, it would never get old that way - just stolen). There's also some crafts museums on the islets. Mainly marine (old boats, engines and so forth).

water week - seven days to celebrate a city by the water


sea side rush hour

We already have congestion taxes for our road traffic. There are moments at Slussen (here) when something similar might be considered for the water ways as well.

water week - seven days to celebrate a city by the water



Further on our sail around Djurgården we come to this point where it looks as though some building work is going on. I think this is a place known as Biskopsudden, but as always I'm well open to correction from those with local knowledge.

water week - seven days to celebrate a city by the water

off line

The Bockholmssund navigation line is defined by the front and rear lighthouse

water week - seven days to celebrate a city by the water


fountain of youth (2)

More water and less people this time in the "national fountain" by Sergels Torg (here). We'll see if we can find some youngsters during the week.

water week - seven days to celebrate a city by the water

getting organized

This organ is inside S:t Birgittas church in Nockeby. I've passed it every now an then, thinking I might stop. Finally after all these years I actually did. To my surprise it was also open. It has a nice set of mosaic windows too. The churchtower is what draws attention to this church though.


views from my balcony (2)

Even if you are living in the middle of the city, 30 feet above the ground, you can still have your very own haven


svenska akademien (2)

The Swedish Academy (here) revisited. Membership is for life. The female element has been limited, to quote the Academy's web page. All in all, seven women have been admitted since 1786.


Lady of Leisure

This lady of leisure enjoying the last rays of Indian summer could be found at Norr Mälarstrand in September - I hope she has since decided to hop ashore, enjoying her leisurely self inside instead, since the temperatures on offer in Stockholm these days are anything but sunbath inviting...


mid-month theme: subway day

Our big sister blog pixels is busy celebrating subway day. Meanwhile, exclusively here on plenty, we can reveal the photo I was aiming for last summer at Västra Skogen (here) when I got this instead. You be the judge, which one is better?

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parking lot

You might get some problems with your car if you park here. The sign says “Helicopter Place” and is located at the port of Ornö in the Stockholm archipelago. (Ornö)



Södra Teatern ("the Southern Theatre") by Mosebacke Square (here) is the oldest active private theatre in Sweden


bit angles

One could suspect that the north port of Öja is a natural port adapted for heavy transports. I can tell that the port is secure from all directions except north-west to west-north-west. North port


Whatever happens, it's going to be different. Slussen (here) will need a big-time make-over pretty soon. Would anyone miss this sight?


views from my balcony (1)

From my balcony one early winter morning last year. Huge chimneys wherever I look...


Deaf School ?

Is this Manilla, built in the 1770s, and named after the capital founded by Spain in the Philippines by The Spanish Minister Ignacio de Coral who enlarged the area? Our guide pointed this out as being the Public Institute for the Deaf and Dumb and Blind or Manillaskolan, founded here in 1819 by P.A. Borg.

A search for this has only revealed pictures of a very different building, so please help me identify this building on the south shore of Djurgården.


svenska akademien

The Swedish Academy (here) is a cultural institution, founded in the 18th century. Its purpose is to advance Swedish language and literature. Awarding the Nobel Prize in Literature is one of its recurring tasks.


remembering dear ones

I found this couple at the Woodland cemetery. There was a certain feeling over the scene. They had obviously lost someone very dear, and probably not too long ago. They visited and made more out of it than just a visit. They stayed for quite a while, I saw them on my way in and on my way out. Later on I saw the circle of lights burning and the couple had left. It was moving. I've never seen someone spend time like that before. Maybe we all should every now and then. Sit and just remember that life is just borrowed time?


pulpit with style

Ever since 1784, this has been the pulpit of Hedvig Eleonora Church on Östermalm (here)

more bits

This is a stand-alone bit in the north port of Öja (map) south of Stockholm. It has been used as starboard aft mooring post as well as port mooring. Looks like it's been subject to heavy maneuvers.

halo - or frostbow

Lena asked for this phenomena. This one was taken a few years back. I was on my way to work, crossing the bridge over to "Lilla Essingen", and I really couldn't help but stopping. It was the first time I ever saw one, and it was even more beautiful than the capture I got. I just gasped when I saw it, wondering what it was. The papers had articles about it the day after.
And Lena, you should be more persistant, do get the camera next time ;-)


the gondola

Stockholm might not be universally recognized as the Venice of the North but this restaurant by Slussen (here) takes the matter seriously

getting married ?

Per had almost the same picture from our stroll in Hallonbergen, on pixels. I thought I'd wait a while before I publish my version of it. He never saw the marriage outfit in the windows. I did.


All Saints’ Day

The All Saints’ Day feast occurs in Sweden on the first Saturday after 1 November. On this day all the saints that don’t have a particular day of their own are celebrated. Traditionally Swedes visit their ancestors’ graves and light candles. It can be a quite spectacular scene, here we see Eds Church outside Upplands Väsby in the greater Stockholm.


Another interpretation of blue

This one didn't quite turn out the way I had planned, but I couldn't get myself to throw it away either. It's taken during Midnattsloppet 2006, and what you see is the reflection of the time-markers on the shoes of the people running. The light is of course fluorescent, and the colour is - ä The address is Östgötagatan.

Det blev är inte mycket man ser av löparna här. Inte för att de sprang så fort, men kombinationen mörker och lång tid ger kul effekter. Jag tror att det är tidtagningsbrickorna på dojjorna som syns i ljuset.

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