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gustav adolfs torg

- The band went that way!

King Gustav Adolf points out the direction for us (here)



Not much activity around the 50 meter outdoor pool at Eriksdalsbadet (here)

Canal Bank

The banks of the Djurgårdsbrunnskanalen.
Click to enlarge: how many birds can you see?


riksbanken (3)

Money doesn't have to make the world go round. It can also pay for quite a nice façade. Revisiting our central bank at Brunkebergstorg (here).


waiting for winter to arrive

is what the skijumpers have to do. I doubt anyone is practicing here yet. This is found at Fiskartorpets Friluftsgård.


hot air

A couple of ventilation towers outside the Riksdag, our parliament. Makes sense. There's a lot of talking going on inside. (here)


new timezones ?

Yesterday I found that my trainstation suddenly is in the middle of two timezones? The line seems to be passing right between the two station-clocks. Rather confusing. Am I early to my train, or am I about to miss it?


tyska kyrkan (4)

Is it getting even taller, the German Church? (here)


after the rain

The rain have just ended. City Hall seen from Torkel Knutsonsgatan (actually from Lundabron).


The water seems almost frozen and yet very much alive in the mini-fountain found in front of Scandic Star hotel in Sollentuna, just a frogs leap from the fair.


The murky waters of the Djurgårdsbrunnskanalen


gryning (2)

A close-up of the sculpture "Dawn" by Stefan Thorén (here)

on guard

The Royal guard has only a silly little hut while the King has a whole block of rooms. I wonder what the guard is doing - is he sending a SMS to his colleagues? "Come quick. I need to go to the ...."


the Kings lion

One of the lions guarding the Royal Castle. There have always been lions around the Royals in Sweden. It at least goes back to Birger Jarl who ruled the country in the mid 1200's. Birger Jarl is also attributed to have founded Stockholm.

skogskyrkogården (3)

90000 graves in Old Enskede (here). Detail from one of the headstones.


home sweet home

This two-flat-birds-apartment house can be found over one of the entrances to the red boat. Take care of the little ones I say.


riksbanken (2)

Our monetary Stonehenge by Brunkebergstorg again (here)

the gate to faith

This is one way to get to the chapel of faith at Woodland cemetery. There are other more dull ones too. This is more tempting.

tyska kyrkan (3)

The spire of the German Church (here) is 86 meters tall


flowers for the King

Two huge pots with red flowers for the King and Queen. Or for the parliamentarians outside the photo on the right hand side. Make your pick: Monarchy or Republic.

stadsteatern backstage

All the world's a stage. All the world on stage, please.
Start lining up right behind Stadsteatern (here).


to the seventh floor

Parkaden 4/4

Interior from the stairs at Parkaden multi storey car park. I think the decoration is very well executed here. Straight lines, cool colours and clear messages.

don't mess with Vasasta'n

Everything in its right place (here) and tech students in this direction, thank you


sixth floor

Parkaden 3/4

All floors at the Parkaden multy storey car parking have decorations like this, telling you on what floor you are. In this photo we are on the sixth floor.

Church of Sofia (3)

Another Sunday and time once more for Sofia Kyrka (here)


way out

Parkaden 2/4

This is the way out at the Parkaden multi storey car park.

tyska kyrkan (2)

Back in the Old Town, at the entrance to the German Church (here)


close that door

Parkaden 1/4

It is of the utmost importance that you close the door after you have been working with the elevator. Never mind dirty hands, just close the door. Top floor at Parkaden multi storey car park.

here comes that rain again.....

The rain was pouring and at the same time the sun was shining. Made a good contrast. Taken at Karlberg's trainstation today.



A cosmic sunrise as depicted by sculptor Stefan Thorén (here)


skogskyrkogården (2)

"Walking to the chapels, this way"

Most everything at the Woodland Cemetery, from the landscape down to the details, has distinct artistic qualities (here)


yet another bit

Contemporary bit with correct moor!
Boring isn't it? Can be, but every turn you do round a bit increases the pulling force required by 50%. When you try to pull the rope, friction is a powerful force that will come into play.


"more coffee, dear?"

There was probably something good on TV so the citizens of Celsings Väg in Sollentuna decided to skip this enchanting summer evening and stay indoors. (here)


more headstones

As promised, here is another one from the Woodland Cemetery. This one really shows why it's called Woodland, don't you think ?


"turn off the light!"

The neighborhood around Stureplan is known for its night life, here's what Patrik showed us in February. This is pretty much the same spot in a very different lighting. (here)

not a yacht in sight

Sandhamn when the bathtub is the survivor's choice number one! Sandhamn can be considered another border of Stockholm as it marks the end of the Stockholm archipelago. The picture is taken leaving Korsö on the last weekend of October 2006.


tyska kyrkan

The altar in our German Church in the Old Town (here)

the little people of Vasaparken

A statue remembering the great writer of fairy tales and children's books, Astrid Lindgren. The two small people are Peter and Petra, characters in the books about Nils Karlsson Pyssling (Simon Small). They lived under a fir tree in the Vasa park.

Walking on the island of Djurgården

The shores of Djurgården are a nice place for a summer walk

Port of Stockholm

Rescue Kreab and Lifeguard 992 (Swedish links) in cooperation with S:t Jacobs Kyrka in the background
Picture taken from Rescue Ekerö (former battle boat 152)

Rescue Kreab the story: Boat in distress calls for help in the Stockholm archipelago, rescue teams sent out and saves crew vessel. Boat in distress calls for help in the archipelago, rescue teams sent out and the crews meet again. Skipper on the rescue boat says: next time - buy your own Rescue Boat. A month later the rescued skipper buys a rescue boat and gives it the name Rescue Kreab.


mäster pers gränd

This kind of street name instantly makes me feel perfectly at home! (here)

The Petrified Cat Who Lost Its Tail

070920 041

In the middle of the city on water I stumbled over - only in the very figurative way - this petrified cat. Not only was it solid as a rock, it had also lost its tail. It remains unknown if the petrified state occurred before or after it lost its tail - but still, a sad case of being condemned to eternal stone.

070920 040

I did find the tail close by, it seemed a bit wooden struck. Anyone who want to have a wild guess as to where exactly in the city this pitiful creature and its tail can be found? Perhaps even any helpful suggestions on how to reunite the cat and its long lost tail?


"wake me up before you go-go"

- On second thought, it's frightfully early. I want to sleep! (here)

waiting for the train

It is getting awfully dark this time of year. It's only 7:15 in the evening and you can't see a thing. I'm waiting for the train at Enköping station, a train that will take me home to Stockholm. It will arrive any minute now on track number two. The ride home will take 40 minutes.



Today is not subway day but it's theme day alright so we take the "green line" to Skogskyrkogården, our Woodland Cemetery. The very first things we notice on the station platform are these comfy chairs by Hans Bartos. It's a wooden place altogether and not just the landscape. (here)

The cemetery is officially a UNESCO World Heritage. We will see more of Skogskyrkogården in the coming weeks.

plenty more from Stockholm, Sweden - click on photos to enlarge!