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Stockholm archipelago

The southern Stockholm archipelago.


stromsjo said...


I've been making promises about more photos of water this fall so I'm glad to see that we're already beginning to keep that promise.

Anonymous said...

The picture shows a old dolphin (mooring-post). They are used to moor boats to, 4/5 of the earth is water the rest is to moor to.

mooring-posts located on land is called a Bitt, more about bitts next week.

stromsjo said...

Thanks, bcp. We hardly ever go to sea so we could use some advice on this strange stuff. As a matter of fact - believe it or not - we already had a dolphin (or something similar) way back last year in the old days when all we ever wrote was in Swedish. Here it is.

plenty more from Stockholm, Sweden - click on photos to enlarge!