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Stockholm archipelago

The southern Stockholm archipelago.

the band bus

When The Royal Guards get tired of walking and when no one is watching they board this vehicle instead. I tried clicking on the side of the bus but the link didn't work.


a screw loose

This item was found on Klarabergsgatan. (here)
The rightful owner remains unknown to this date.


I need 2 pee 2

While dogs shamelessly do it in the open, we humans do our business indoors (thank you!). This convenience for men even have a light.


I need 2 pee

Ever wondered what those big marbles are used for ? Now you know. This dog shows exactly what he/she thinks about the art.



The Riksbank by Brunkebergstorg. Heavy stuff. (here)

open the window

Someone left the window open, or rather someone left the window out completely. More of the building in this post by Per: cast in concrete.


"I left my heart in Hallonbergen"

Heading south now to improve my tan.
Come spring, I'll be right back. (map)

great big cross in the sky

Busy busy busy flying here and there and everywhere.


green green grass of home

I'm not much of a football fan but you know what they say about the grass. I'm sure the other teams think it's a lot greener over at Stadion. Here's the evidence. (map)

going up or down?

These stairs take you up from - in my opinion - one of Stockholm's more horrid back streets to the Sankt Eriks bridge where you have a beautiful view over the city.

in the making of a subway day

The train is arriving at Old Town subway station so I can take a photo of it. It's sometimes difficult to chose what photo to publish, but I think I made the right choice. This photo can serve as an illustration that sometimes you have to wait for the right moment to arrive.


cast in concrete

A frenzy of construction activity going on behind Cityterminalen


help is close by

So I'm sitting at home minding my own business when suddenly there's some terrible noise outside my window. When I look out I see this ambulance helicopter just outside my apartment (notice the street lights in the foreground, photo taken from second floor).

They were hovering over the canal for at least 15 to 20 minutes looking for something. In all I saw two helicopters, a couple of boats and a number of fire engines and rescue vans.

The sad story is that someone was reported to have jumped off the Liljeholmsbron. Unfortunately - I guess - the didn't find anything.



Returning for a while to our non-republican street.
Here's one of them Kungstornen (King's Towers) again.

Sailing by Skansen

Our little cruise takes us around the island of Djurgården. There is a path along the shore with seats for people to take a rest. At the top of the thickly wooded hillside stands an old building which is part of the Skansen, the world's oldest open air museum.

The museum website has an interactive map and I rather think the old building is the Vastveit-Loftet, a storehouse.


subway day: tiles from the crypt

Whether you're planning your next bath-room or simply enjoying rush hour at the Western Forest (Västra skogen) subway station - you cannot go wrong with classic tiles

Subway day is a mid-month theme shared by the following blogs:
New York City Daily Photo - stockholm by pixels

have a bite

This is a very popular restaurant on Djurgården (animals garden), the surroundings are nice and the food is good. It's very crowded most of the time. The scene is cought from the Segway ride I was on, a while ago. Let me tell you, it's a totally new experience to take a picture from one of those. A bit unsteady, you could say. A little bit like flying a helicopter perhaps and trying to hover.


evening light

Heading home from a couple of beers yesterday. Nice evening light here at the stairs from Hornsgatan down towards Riddarfjärden in the southern parts of town. At the end of the steps lay the Red Boat Mälaren. The photo was taken just a few blocks away from where Michael captured his "looking down on Downtown".

(not your average) Rose Garden

Continuing our sequel on the aesthetic merits of Hallonbergen,
these roses seem pretty happy with their place in the morning sun


Mom - can I play with the marbles ????

"Yes, dear, but make sure you put them back again..."
Some of you may remember similar ones from a previous post. Outside Fatbursparken once again.


hello ?

Seeking contact via a cell-phone? She's not aware of me taking a picture, and why would she be? Her thoughts are very much elsewhere. Who's she talking to? Why is she sitting on the windowsill? Bad connection? Whatever the reason, she's the little extra ingredient in this pic. Thanks. This was taken close to Karlavägen but I don't really remember the exact location.


Welcome to Auntie O's Grove

070818 026

070818 034

At Stockholm's southside, on the hillsides' of Aunty O's mountain (Tantoberget) you'll find the allotments of Aunty O's Grove (Tantolunden). The area has been farmed since 1915, and today it consists of 111 allotments and a long queue for having one's own piece of paradise in the middle of the hustling and bustling city.
070818 046

And remember, no matter how big or small, highflying or soildigging, there's always room to grow at Aunty O's Grove.

For more information (only in Swedish), see Tanto Södra Koloniträdgårdsförening (allotment garden society)


Gata Regerings

For a properly sized wallet there are flowers available by The Government's Street (Regeringsgatan)


Nordic Museum

If I have done my homework correctly, this is the Nordic Museum.


x-mas decoration

A street light over Hornsgatan with a bunch red balls attached to it. I think it's a wee bit early for Christmas decorations, but it works as a festive homage to City Daily Photo Blog theme day for September: "Street lights and signs".

pop-up screen

An old friend, Kista Science Tower, pops into view

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