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a work of art - Spånga station (1)

Spånga commuter train station is a work of art. Here are a fine specimen at the entrance floor. Tulips maybe? Tomorrow we will see the station from the outside.


stromsjo said...

Judging from the time it took to renovate the station it should be a Michelangelo by now... ;)

Seriously, I agree - this looks nice. As far as the exterior is concerned, I’d need some help in finding the artistic aspects. Until tomorrow then!

Ming the Merciless said...

Oooh! I love this. I have seen a lot of wall papers/tiles with textures on them. They are sooo beautiful. And they are made from recycled paper products.

Kiwi said...

Ming (tm): No, they are made of concrete (or something like that) I think.

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