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Summer in the Bay of Winter

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This used to be quite the explosive place once upon a time, when Alfred Nobel’s nitro-glycerine blasting bunkers could be found at Vinterviken. Now it's a peaceful haven for stressed cityfolks and garden enthusiasts alike.

070817 071

The only exploding done here nowadays are nature's abundance of colours!

070817 055

Even if evidentely there are still danger lurking and venomous snakes to be found in this Garden of Eden...
More information on Vinterviken can be found at Vintervikens Trädgårdsförening (Garden Society), only in Swedish.


stromsjo said...

I used to think (and state) that summer is overrated but with posts like this one you’re making my position increasingly difficult to defend. You manage to capture the beauty around us, a well-known fact to those of us who have been following your own blog. You also prove one of my favourite points: a good photo deserves a good text.

Most welcome onboard, Pia!

Pia K said...

Thanks ever so much, Per!

I like the idea that a case well-argued is never lost - sort of - and perhaps this is such a case...:)

In my book summer isn't overrated as such, it's more of autumn and winter being underrated...

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