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outside Parliament

This is a crop from my first ever Stockholm photograph. Taken from the coach as we drove into the city, I understand that it is the back of the Parliament building. It is nice to see people sitting on the steps feeding the swans, but what is that bloke in the boat on the right-hand side doing? Is he fishing?


stromsjo said...

People most certainly do fish in the inner city. Not entirely sure about this guy though.

Bernt Seipl said...

Yep, he's fishing, or at least on his way to do so. The boats have big circular nets that can be lowered and then hoisted again. With a little bit of luck there are some fish in the net. It used to be a more popular fishing method, but nowadays it's only now and then that you see someone out with one of those. I can put a pic out on plenty that shows how it works.

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