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old house new house - Spånga station (2)

Well, call me an old romantic, but it was better in the old days. The cake boxes of café Spånga Konditori (another pocket of resistance) have an image of what the old train station looked like. In the background you see the new station house. OK, the new station is a functional station with flowers on the wall and everything. But it's so dull.


stromsjo said...

The new one is not only dull but outright ugly if you ask me, at least as far as the exterior is concerned.

The café has had this symbol on their boxes for as long as I can remember (we’re talking decades here!) and this photo is a great tribute to that old beauty.

In fairness, the new station is probably a lot more functional and the current flow of commuters simply couldn’t have been served by the old one. Also notice the bridge which makes the walk to and from the train considerably less risky than in the old days when you had to cross the tracks.

Kiwi said...

'... this photo is a great tribute to that old beauty.' Ah, I couldn't have typed it better myself ;o)

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