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Just Grand

A couple of weeks ago I posted here a picture of a couple of balconies, and asked if people knew the building. Well I seem to have got Per and Peter into a grand pickle as they couldn't believe that it is indeed the Grand Hôtel.


Kiwi said...

So it was the Grand! I wonder why I didn't recognise the balcony when I passed the hôtel on water.

According to Per the hôtel was built in 1874 and it says 1875 on the balcony. A scene from way back when ...

"At last our hôtel is ready and built! This is a happy day."
"But Sir, shouldn't a hôtel of this standard have a balcony towards the water?"
"Damnation! You are right. Builder! Build me a balcony please, so this can truly be a hôtel of class."

And the works took a year.

Ah ... happy days.

Thanks ackworthborn!

stromsjo said...

I thought of the Grand (simply because of the location for your previous post) and decided that it couldn’t be it… You got us there Gerald.

Gerald (SK14) said...

well it just goes to show what happens when you view your home town through the eyes of a stranger.

stromsjo said...

...and that’s precisely why it’s a privilege to have a “stranger” around with a collection of photos from our corner of the planet.

plenty more from Stockholm, Sweden - click on photos to enlarge!