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fishing for smelt

I promised Ackworth Born to provide a little more information about the funny looking boats he hade photographed from the bus, and here it is. This is taken from my own remembrance, and may not be 100% accurate. Here's one of the boats in action. Fishing for smelt, Osmerus eperlanus (Thanks Linné) used to be more common in the "old days". Today only a few boats remain in Strömmen, and that is probably just to maintain the tradition of seeing them there. In the "old days" there were several, and you could stand and watch the guys hoisting their catch daily. Today you're lucky if you see anyone at all doing it. The smelt is used as baitfish for salmon among other. The pointing finger and the nose were part of an art exhibition a while ago.

They did manage to get some fish after all, but this is nothing compared with what used to be the catch. When the smelt came in, the nets used to be quite full. The fish is today a baitfish, but was smoked, dried, salted or fried in the "old days", and actually eaten. I don't think too many people eat them today.


Kiwi said...

It might be added to Bernt's text that fishing is free in Stockholm city waters. I have a photo of the sign and will post it any day soon.

stromsjo said...

Good point. The fact that you can take a swim or – indeed – go fishing in the inner city is something we’re rather proud of.

Kiwi said...

I'm sure it's only a rumour, but didn't a high politician (Ulf Adelsson or Stig Malm or perhaps that clown who headed the Stockholm Olympic bid - can't remember his name) some years ago drink some 'off the pond water' at one point and got sick in the stomach?

Gerald (SK14) said...

this follow-up information is very interesting thanks

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