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a bridge to fly under

From the small red house on Långholmen you have this perfect view over Riddarfjärden (Knights Bay) and Västerbron (West Bridge). The bridge connects the southern Södermalm with the northern Kungsholmen. It was opened for traffic on 20 November 1935 and is approximately 600 meters long (340 meters over water).

The lonely canoeist was paddling away on the left side of this photo

The Swedish Air Force was one of the biggest users of the American World War Two fighter P51 Mustang. On the first delivery on 10 April 1945 some of the pilots flew under the Västerbron bridge in a spectacular show-off. It is really an achievement as the free sailing height is only 24 meters and the free sailing width is 50 meters.

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stromsjo said...

While we’re on the topic of Långholmen and air shows: there was a rather spectacular incident in the 90’s involving a plane of some local model...

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