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walking on broken glass ?

I guess that's what those poor guys are doing every day when they need to replace the windows in those trashed bus-stops. But you've got to admit that in all that waste, there's some beauty, but I would rather find it elsewhere. This one was found in Rissne.


Toll House


The new station due in 2019


Brunnsgatan Fyra

Swedish actor Allan Edwall started and ran almost single-handedly a smallish theatre on Brunnsgatan. He is not with us anymore but this particular heritage has been taken care of and is very much alive. (Swedish site.)



If my cartographical research is accurate then this is Skeppsholmen. I think the spire on the right is the Riddarholm church. As for the dome on the left, I've forgotten.

The water and sky were actually blue, but I've done some "grey-highlighting" which brings out the contours of the waves quite nicely I think.


Never, ever quiet


elevated door

Rotebro commuter train station offers extensive services for varying needs. Here’s a door for citizens who are too short to reach the ground. Peter once made a similar observation.


captured in Hallonbergen

This seems to be a nice plaything for both children and grown-ups that still think of them as being younger than they really are. I got an urge to crawl around in it myself, and if my back had been a little better, I might have tried.


with no apparent motive (3b)

Same pillar, different angle. Kista bus terminal again.

fishing for smelt

I promised Ackworth Born to provide a little more information about the funny looking boats he hade photographed from the bus, and here it is. This is taken from my own remembrance, and may not be 100% accurate. Here's one of the boats in action. Fishing for smelt, Osmerus eperlanus (Thanks Linné) used to be more common in the "old days". Today only a few boats remain in Strömmen, and that is probably just to maintain the tradition of seeing them there. In the "old days" there were several, and you could stand and watch the guys hoisting their catch daily. Today you're lucky if you see anyone at all doing it. The smelt is used as baitfish for salmon among other. The pointing finger and the nose were part of an art exhibition a while ago.

They did manage to get some fish after all, but this is nothing compared with what used to be the catch. When the smelt came in, the nets used to be quite full. The fish is today a baitfish, but was smoked, dried, salted or fried in the "old days", and actually eaten. I don't think too many people eat them today.


stairway to Vita Bergen

The open-air theatre in Vita Bergen was a classic venue for summer night concerts. It’s been a while and the city is considering renovating this into something attractive again.

run 4 it

Once again there has been an invasion in Stockholm. This time it was in the southern parts, on saturday the 18th, and there was a running invasion. Approximately 13500 runners ran 10 km in the annual Midnattsloppet (midnight run). Here some of them are "

These girls didn't wait the table, they brought it with them the whole 10000m!!! Quite an effort I'd say.

outside Parliament

This is a crop from my first ever Stockholm photograph. Taken from the coach as we drove into the city, I understand that it is the back of the Parliament building. It is nice to see people sitting on the steps feeding the swans, but what is that bloke in the boat on the right-hand side doing? Is he fishing?


Summer in the Bay of Winter

070817 086

This used to be quite the explosive place once upon a time, when Alfred Nobel’s nitro-glycerine blasting bunkers could be found at Vinterviken. Now it's a peaceful haven for stressed cityfolks and garden enthusiasts alike.

070817 071

The only exploding done here nowadays are nature's abundance of colours!

070817 055

Even if evidentely there are still danger lurking and venomous snakes to be found in this Garden of Eden...
More information on Vinterviken can be found at Vintervikens Trädgårdsförening (Garden Society), only in Swedish.

Gröna Stugan

By the small lake Lötsjön in Sundbyberg is a cottage with food, an occasional drink, even a bit of music if you’re lucky and wise enough to pick the right season. Gröna Stugan ("the Green Cottage") is a lovely spot for your summer lunch.


stop playing around

"Get down from there and come and help me with the dishes. NOW ! "
Well, I´m not sure if those were the exact words she used, but judging by the posture, they might have been. This is taken near the entrance of Fatbursparken.


yellow balloon night (2)

Well, this particular balloon had to land somewhere.
Here, in fact, in Rotebro.

Just Grand

A couple of weeks ago I posted here a picture of a couple of balconies, and asked if people knew the building. Well I seem to have got Per and Peter into a grand pickle as they couldn't believe that it is indeed the Grand Hôtel.


subway day: the train has left

subway day is a theme shared by the following blogs
No point in rushing here anymore. A southbound train
is leaving the station Västra Skogen.


cruisin' - evening Stockholm

Stockholm was invaded yesterday evening. More specifically - Sveavägen was, in the annual cruising that takes place after Wheels Internationals at Barkarby airport. Once again there was a chance to see nice cars like the one above for instance.
or why not this one ?

And of course there was also some of this going on, some burnout's. After all - many of the cars are American muscle cars, and those that aren't, they try anyway.....

here's another one

Jonathan Livingston Seagull taking a rest up above. One of the five skyscrapers of Stockholm Manhattan (Hötorgscity) in the background. The other one? It's here!

Church of Sofia (2)

Another view of that church. After all, it’s Sunday.


wheelchair (2)

Even a wheelchair need to rest some times, and perhaps get some sun. Like this one found on a jetty in Blackeberg.

sudden southern

Södertorn pops up again. Towers often do.


wheelchair (1)

The crime scene in Stockholm is getting worse. Even the wheelchairs are fair game nowadays. No, just kidding - probably only a puncture (I hope). Photo taken just a few meters from "below".

stockholm by us

We’ve been covering the sights and sounds of Stockholm through almost one thousand posts since October 2005. Just for fun, here are some milestones in our history so far.

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flower shower

An entire shop filled with vegetarian decorations


A group of climbers having a trining session at/on/under the Västerbron bridge.


no, no glamour here

Nope. No glamour on the other side of the building. Värdshuset Spången (Spången Inn) on one side, Spången Pub on the other. No glamour to be found. I guess the next expedition have to take us inside. On a Saturday night maybe.


Church of Sofia

We haven’t been to church for a while.
This is Sofia kyrka (Church of Sofia).

old house new house - Spånga station (2)

Well, call me an old romantic, but it was better in the old days. The cake boxes of café Spånga Konditori (another pocket of resistance) have an image of what the old train station looked like. In the background you see the new station house. OK, the new station is a functional station with flowers on the wall and everything. But it's so dull.



Södertorn again. We can all use a lookup function now and then.

a work of art - Spånga station (1)

Spånga commuter train station is a work of art. Here are a fine specimen at the entrance floor. Tulips maybe? Tomorrow we will see the station from the outside.

KOM Köpcentrum

Nocturne for a shopping centre close to the E4 motorway.


behind the closed door

This is the other side of that very closed door – a parked car and another closed door.

The gymnastics hall of Katarina West higher nursing school was burnt down to the ground in July 2003. According to a report from the rescue services the building was already all in flames when the fire brigade arrived just two minutes after the first alarm and the building could not be saved. The fire was probably the work of an incendiary.

It’s too bad the building is still closed after four years.

"play is suspended"

I can’t imagine why but it appears that the sponsors of Nordic Light Open didn’t fully trust our rock-solid summer weather. They brought quite a few tents along which looked somewhat bizarre inside this old stone arena.


this door closed

This door is not only closed, it is welded close. Östgötagatan,


wild Suburbia (2)

Same statue, different season

tic-tac-toe (2)

" Look - I've got five in a row. I win - right ?"

Yet another one of those "several in a row"-pictures.


a bridge to fly under

From the small red house on Långholmen you have this perfect view over Riddarfjärden (Knights Bay) and Västerbron (West Bridge). The bridge connects the southern Södermalm with the northern Kungsholmen. It was opened for traffic on 20 November 1935 and is approximately 600 meters long (340 meters over water).

The lonely canoeist was paddling away on the left side of this photo

The Swedish Air Force was one of the biggest users of the American World War Two fighter P51 Mustang. On the first delivery on 10 April 1945 some of the pilots flew under the Västerbron bridge in a spectacular show-off. It is really an achievement as the free sailing height is only 24 meters and the free sailing width is 50 meters.

tour de recycling

Following Peter’s analysis on paper recycling,
here’s a similar facility in Rotsunda Gård

move it!

photo: Annika Johansson
-No, the cell phone is not in the refrigerator.
It should be in the third box from the left. Behind the armchair!!
Moving house is not a task to be taken lightly.
Not even in Åkersberga.


"Correction. The ball was good"

WTA tournament Nordic Light Open at the Olympic Stadium.
Players were remarkably good. The Norwegian referee was superb.

a small red house

From the slightly wrinkled house you have a fabulous view over Långholmen and its many allotments where people grow their own gardens. When I was strolling in the area I met the gentleman who owned the little red house on the photo. He had had it since 1961 and claimed it to be the best site in the area. He was on his way home but invited me to visit the garden on my own. And it was truly smashing.

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