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My Introduction to Stockholm

First, I'd like to thank Per Strömsjö for inviting me to contribute to this blog.

I've only spent a few hours in the city in the summer of 2006. Some 28 of my Stockholm photos and an account of my visit can be found on my Baltic 2006 blog.

Here though I'll post a few others that didn't make it there for one reason or another.

When our bus dropped us off in Stockholm, one of the first things I noticed, as we milled around waiting for the canal boat, was this magnificent-looking cupola. According to the guide though it merely belongs to a private house owned by a large bank. I think she said one of directors lived therein.

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stromsjo said...

Pretty close to the Grand Hôtel, then.

Although we’re several contributors, which should provide some diversity, all of us in the stockholm-by team are inhabitants of this city so we simply can’t see Stockholm with the eyes of a tourist. Delighted to have you on board!

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