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I once saw a graffiti saying “Only dead salmon follow the stream”. This dove is certainly a live salmon.


stromsjo said...

Feathered sociology again! This is definitely a trend. Don’t miss Pia’s recently published report on that very topic.

Kiwi said...

Thanks for the blogging intelligence, Per! I loved Pia's report!

stromsjo said...

…and incidentally this is #200 on plenty.

I suppose I could learn to appreciate a world where Peter always buys the rest of us cake ;) but it seems slightly unfair now that you snatched both our recent jubilees. We’ll sort that out somehow.

Kiwi said...

I do the jubilees in batch: Photo number 700 on Pixels, 200 on Plenty and my personal 100:th posting on Pixels. I think I'll have a wee dram from Isla to celebrate. And caking to all.

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