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What? You are staying for breakfast?

The world is spinning faster and faster and now you lot turn up and want to go and party and I have loads of things to do at work and – well, why not? And you’re staying for breakfast as well? Fine. Let's go.


track 18

A quiet evening by the Central Station

slightly wrinkled house

I really like this big apartment house on Marieberg. In a way it is so majestic. The people who live here enjoy a spectacular scenery with the outlook over Riddarfjärden (water) and Långholmen (an island, from where this photo was taken).


a lamp post

(This is what I had planned to publish today, but a fire escape came in my way).

This is a lamp post on Söder Mälarstrand photographed from above on Västerbron/Långholmsgatan. So where does the bridge (Västerbron) end and the street (Långholmsgatan) begin?

out of harm's way (1,5)

If we would move away from the fire escape and into the office building, and take the escalator one floor up and move left this is what we would see. The inside of the office block Fatburen.

out of harm's way

Close-up of a fire escape near Medborgarplatsen.
We’ll have a better view coming up soon on pixels.

A couple of balconies

Here is a closeup of a couple of balconies. I wonder how soon it will take for people to recognise to which building they belong.


under cover

Few (if any) people born in Sweden know what it’s like to use
an air-raid shelter and I hope we’ll never find out.
Anyhow, here is one in Spånga.


I once saw a graffiti saying “Only dead salmon follow the stream”. This dove is certainly a live salmon.


table for three

Some people are busy elsewhere when they could have
taken a moment off by Ångermannagatan in Vällingby

from above

As I understand it, Stockholm is one of the very few capital cities where hot air balloons are allowed over the city centre. Some day I'll go myself.


with no apparent motive (3)

Another one of them pillars of society. Kista bus terminal.


still floating in Vällingby (2)

The renovation (?) of Vällingby continues and that roof is still there

ther rest of the band

Here are the drummer boy's friends: Stockholm Landslaget 2007 (the Stockholm national team 2007) playing outside the Sthlm Jazz Festival area.


their flag there

Some more flag waving from that
microscopic demonstration on Sergels Torg


this is an ex-tree

Some fungal species are used for their psychedelic properties.
This one by Spånga torg is probably harmless.


air the tail coat

When you've been dancing all night - or have been documenting the underground - it's good to give the old tail coat a thorough airing.

Västra skogen (3)

Someone pointed out that our subway is so clean. Judging from how my clothes and my bag and everything else looks when I’ve been down there snapping photos I wouldn’t immediately agree. It does have a relatively fresh look compared to the underground networks of some other major cities in Europe.

Svenska Handelsbanken

In my first Stockholm picture I showed you a cupola on top of a building. The guide said that the house belonged to a bank.

Well it seems the next building along was in fact the headquarters of the bank and the name was in lights on the roof. Do be sure to click on the picture for a clearer view and check out the last letter E.


Mirror, Mirror on the Ceiling

Mirrors in the ceiling are supposed to be exciting. I don’t know.
All I can see is a shoe store in Kista Galleria (shopping mall).

the world's a stage

This particular stage is actually the entrance of parking-garage. Who would have guessed ? The somewhat hazy-looking guy is one of the team-members, so you could say that this pic is staged too....

spånga torg (2)

The Swedbank branch office in Spånga offers
financial services behind flowery curtains


Mellow Yellow

A sleepy morning by Medborgarplatsen (the Citizens’ Square). Most citizens were either asleep or on vacation or preferably both. Incidentally, here’s where former Foreign Minister Anna Lindh held her last campaign rally before being stabbed in 2002.


where the buses rest

After a hectic evening of photogenic suburban services the buses rest at Slussen.


last call

Could have been the last picture from this lens. I foolishly left the camera on top of a road sign in Bredden and realized too late that the bus would sweep by at a few centimetres’ distance.


yellow tubes in the ground

Just a few good gymnastic jumps away from here they are putting something in the ground. I guess the yellow ‘house’ is for welding the plastic pipes together. So, what are the pipes for? Central heating or high speed internet access? I heard on the news today that a private person in a small village in the county of Värmland – right on the border to Norway – has Sweden’s fastest internet access with 40 GB. Why? Just for the fun of it and it’s all homemade. I think the yellow pipes are for central heating.

spånga torg

Be there or be a square. Spånga square, to be precise.


here comes that tower again

Yet another photo of our lovable City Hall. That tower has a habit of popping up everywhere.


zig zag

Zig Zag railway station is a regional railway station on the Blue Mountains Line in New South Wales, Australia... The station is not staffed. (From Wikipedia)
Kungshuset by Kungsgatan, on the other hand, is staffed as far as I can tell from all these awnings. Summer is here for sure.

My Introduction to Stockholm

First, I'd like to thank Per Strömsjö for inviting me to contribute to this blog.

I've only spent a few hours in the city in the summer of 2006. Some 28 of my Stockholm photos and an account of my visit can be found on my Baltic 2006 blog.

Here though I'll post a few others that didn't make it there for one reason or another.

When our bus dropped us off in Stockholm, one of the first things I noticed, as we milled around waiting for the canal boat, was this magnificent-looking cupola. According to the guide though it merely belongs to a private house owned by a large bank. I think she said one of directors lived therein.


pump you up

A bicycle pump is a type of positive-displacement pump specifically designed for inflating bicycle tires. Whatever would we do without Wikipedia? We’ve seen them before, this one is in Spånga. Pumping up, no less.


Looking towards the fairly new patch - Marievik, standing on the also fairly new Årstabron. Early morning, the water is still calm, the sky is blue - what else could you want ? Oh, yes, the day off of course :-)


city hall is back

Ah, all of a sudden it's there again - down the distance is our city hall! Mind you, we are immensely proud of it.

sleepy suburbia

The good citizens at Rotsundagårdsvägen
in Sollentuna enjoy a peaceful evening


shadowy statue

A statue - or at least its shadow - outside the Property court (regional rent tribunal) in Stockholm at Fleminggatan 14.


Västra skogen (2)

Some more patterns down under...


yellow balloon night

Allow me to add a couple of balloons to our celebration.
These are from Växhuset in Sollentuna.

pink balloon day

While our big sister Stockholm by Pixels is participating in City Daily Photo Blog theme day "The colour red" we at Plenty celebrate the occasion with a pink small thin inflatable rubber bag with narrow neck, aka balloon.

plenty more from Stockholm, Sweden - click on photos to enlarge!