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the world ifs full of cruel people

And one of them saw fit to try to kill this pigeon. The shot missed though, and now the arrow is sitting there. The bird is very much alive, but probably hindered to eat. An attempt to catch it and get rid of the arrow, was unfortunately unlucky. Boooh to the one who did this. Shame on you!


stromsjo said...

Oh, my. I’m not much of a pigeon fan myself and we haven’t always spoken kindly about them on our blogs but they are living beings and there is simply no excuse for this kind of torture. I’ve never seen anything like it.

Emanu! said...

I saw this pigeon too close to hötorget about 2 weeks ago. Tried to help it too... failed. maybe just as well, the dart might hinder the blood from seeping out. And since its still alive, I guess it can eat too.

Anyhow, people are idiots. =/

Bernt Seipl said...

I agree with that last comment...

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