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Didn't like this poster by Karlavägen. No idea what they were selling. And yet I photographed it and posted it here.
Maybe that's successful marketing?


Kiwi said...

But why in the name of something are you taking and posting the photo only with a note that you didn't like it? Why don't you like it? Is it the ad or the product? (Ah, yes, you don't know the product!) Elaborate! Or at least say something witty about the mirroring of housing or something! :o)

I, on the other hand, think it is an ad for a brand of espresso coffee and if so I do like the series of ads. And I like the coffee.

stromsjo said...

Good point, I suppose there is room for a bit more of elaboration on that one.

Marketing is about catching attention and seizing a bit of your mind really. Making sure that we associate x with y in the right way. Catching the attention involves overcoming my defenses ("no I don't care what you're trying to sell today") and this one ended up in a stalemate where I couldn't get rid of it and didn't appreciate it. Much like when I find myself humming a song I don't like.

But I do like coffee so maybe that's my chance at recovering from this ad-trauma... ;)

Kiwi said...

Thank you!

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