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lakeside oasis

The red boat Mälaren and the floating restaurant Oasis at Söder Mälarstrand. There are quite few hotels, hostels and restaurants on boats along the southern shore of Lake Mälaren.


Ashes to Ashes (2)

Some more evidence from the event by Kolonnvägen


Västra Skogen

waves are everywhere...
These can be found at the Västra Skogen
(Western Forest!) subway station.


glamour in Spånga

This is the entrance to Värdshuset Spången (Spången Inn).
Spång means footbridge but the name alludes to the name
of the suburb, Spånga. I suppose most of the glitter is inside.


flower-powered bike ?

This might just be an attempt to make sure that they find the bike again ? It was a welcome change against the rest of the bikes anyway, and it made me smile. That could have been another reason.....:-) It was found on Birger Jarlsgatan


the Shadows

The sunlight and the shadows enjoy themselves
in a tunnel under Ångermannagatan

the world ifs full of cruel people

And one of them saw fit to try to kill this pigeon. The shot missed though, and now the arrow is sitting there. The bird is very much alive, but probably hindered to eat. An attempt to catch it and get rid of the arrow, was unfortunately unlucky. Boooh to the one who did this. Shame on you!


light included! (2)

Bring your own lamppost!
Or simply walk along Rotsundagårdsvägen where they’re already
properly lined up for the benefit of night wanderers.

on top of things

This Fieldfare has found a good viewpoint. I just happened to see it in time to get a picture of it, during our stroll. This is from Karlavägen avenue.



Our most recent joint stroll was particularly rewarding. But all good things come to an end. This shot from Carl’s Road (Karlavägen) concludes my May 10 collection.


"en riktig post"

The former head office of Swedish Posten by Vasagatan.
As a matter of fact, the new one in Tomteboda is more exciting.


Eye of the Beholder

"The KTH School of Architecture educates architects
to develop reflective minds in a reflective practice"
The school itself by Östermalmsgatan
has been voted the city's ugliest building


gate closed

I guess a "No admittance"-sign was not enough. I furthermore guess that no one has entered these gates for quite a while. It can be found at Eriksbergsgatan.
others on

"Ingen slipper här fram, här fram...." Texten från barnvisan "Bro, bro och breja" känns helt rätt i detta fall....


Engelbrektskyrkan (2)

Plenty of photos from the vicinity of Engelbrektskyrkan these days

Runaway ?

This devil was running the Stockholm Marathon yesterday. The heat should have been enough for him. It was around 28 degrees centigrade (approximately 82 degrees Fahrenheit) in the shade. Most of the race was out in the sun though....



Didn't like this poster by Karlavägen. No idea what they were selling. And yet I photographed it and posted it here.
Maybe that's successful marketing?

Next stop, City Hall

It is tourist time and everybody - at least 400,000 people yearly - wants to visit City Hall.


park a lot less

Bring your key or you can forget about
parking here by Bollstanäsvägen


his home is his castle (but not this castle)

Another late night by the office of our local monarch


going from a date

Remember that dog-date?
Well, you know. The sequel is never quite as good.

BYO sofa (3)

Another sofa just laying around. This particular specimen can be found at Birger Jarlsgatan.



This plant by Birger Jarlsgatan could use some music

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