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pillars of society

Parts of the supporting infrastructure in central Upplands Väsby


Carl’s Office

Night falls by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs at Gustav Adolfs torg


spring is not over quite yet

These were part of the catch from our stroll on the 10th of may. They deserve at least a place on plenty.


BYO sofa (2)

If you suddenly get tired at Tantogatan the good folks have put a sofa there for you to rest in. Here's another sofa close by.

Ashes to Ashes

Exactly what kind of ritual celebrations had taken place by Kolonnvägen in Solna remains a mystery. A collection of beer cans and a tree, still standing but severely burnt, were among the evidence remaining.


The Off Season

Not much icehockey action these days

Ooopsie daisy in Rissne.....

Sometimes life has some unwanted surprises in store for you. I'm sure this guy didn't plan for this to happen, and yet it did. A sudden change of lanes without making sure noone was there already maybe ?



An enchanting season by Ulriksdal commuter train station


brushing up

This door at Vilundahallen in Upplands Väsby
could use a minor paint job

chickenrace ?

More like a pigeon-race, which might explain why we have two losers, instead of one ? These two were found on Sundbybergs trainstation yesterday. Two pigeons down - many more to go...


lost doll

The doll stayed behind while the father and his daughter went that way.

dark matter

Negative enlightenment by Gullingeplan, Tensta


BYO sofa (1)

If the park bench is too uncomfortable, it is good to have your own. Like here in Tanto.

looking down at Väsby

A slightly elevated view of Upplands Väsby.
Commuter train station in the foreground.
The pyramid behind it is that office of Väsbyhem,
previously seen on pixels.



Sometimes the bits and pieces just don't fit together
by Klarabergsviadukten


ready to go

Skateboarders at Björns trädgård, Medborgarplatsen.

A rock band entertaining the skateboarders.

Read more, and see the tense and eager kids wanting to go - at Stockholm by Pixels!



Magnificent, for sure. I wouldn’t call it beautiful.

connecting people (3)

-You talkin' to me?


this is what's going on

Some graffiti-artists are hired to add figures from the cartoon Rocky, by Martin Kellerman, on a 117 square-meters big canvas. This painting is the next chapter in Sony Bravia-ads. First the bouncing balls, then the house drenched in paint and now this.

now boarding

Intergalactic flight soon departing from Tenstaplan.
As soon as the captain has had his milk and cornflakes.


me pod

Bring your own sound
and you won’t have to listen to Klarabergsgatan


connecting people? (2)

Chit-chatting by subway station T-Centralen


cookie monsters

The primary purpose of running a photo blog is … eating cake.
No jubilee or event could be too insignificant. There is always a reason to celebrate! Today at Sture Konditori we marked the milestone ”100 photos on plenty” which actually occurred April 15.


keeping the myth alive

"Sweden ? Oh, yes, that's where you have polar bears
in the streets, right ?"
Boy, is it going to be hard to fight that remark away now :-)
I found this one in the middle of Stockholm, sitting outside Gallerian. Thank God it's not for real, even if the cause definately is for real. It's part of a week of information about global warming. The glaciers are melting away and this poor fellow and his/her more living friends might find themselves without a place to live...


feel like a million

My suburb is your suburb. A unique experience by Tenstaplan.


Why use the armchair only indoors ? It's working precisely as good outside, as demonstrated here by one of our groupmembers. Who's chair it is ? No idea, but it was found during our stroll in Tensta a while ago, just standing there - waiting for a visitor....


divided we stand (3)

Is your point of view more important than mine?


eyes on Sergel

An obelisk, a theatre and lots of traffic noise.
Well, I suppose two out of three isn’t bad.


still floating in Vällingby

I’m sort of reluctantly fascinated by the “floating” roof in Vällingby.
Can’t say I like it though.

a saviour by the sea

This type of lifebuoys can be found everywhere in Sweden, and this particular one can be found at Vinterviken in southern Stockholm. Since 1954 the insurance company Trygg Hansa has donated some 80.000 buoys. They also have the buoy as their logotype.


vertical garden

Gardener wanted. Bring your ladder.
There's a lot growing by the walls of Klara Church


supplementary teamwork

Back at the Teamwork sculpture in Tensta. Bernt did this one a lot better but since my angle is different I thought I should post it anyway. A fascinating example of how you can achieve entirely different results at the same place at the same time
by picking the right angle.

Spring is here !

It's soooo nice in Stockholms Kungsträdgården, when spring finally arrives. The japanese cherry-trees are blooming once again.....

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