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Hötorgshusen won't settle for fifteen minutes of fame,
they keep popping up everywhere


aiming for the spheres

Simple and elegant patterns on the Concert Hall (Konserthuset) aiming for those musical spheres

minimal furnishing

I think there is room for more furniture than the two armchairs here, but as the room is in the Kulturhuset at Sergels Torg it could very well be an art installation.


vilda väsby

The world's wildest hockey team, slightly out of season by Vilundahallen



Arlanda - Frankfurt, SAS vs Lufthansa - The winner takes it all!


väsby by glass

A career for a window cleaner at Industrivägen in Upplands Väsby


the good father

The text on the stone mentions; Ulvkättil, Gye and Une who "had this stone raised after Ulv their good father. He lived in Skålhamra." This family was one of the powerful dynasties which lived here when the stone was raised in the begining of the 11th century.


A nice stroll in the sunshine

Another pic from Hammarby Sjöstad, the new part of town being built at the waterfront - as you can see. This bridge caught my attention when the sunshine reflected on all the stainless steel poles and in the water.


vällingby by light

Ångermannagatan, Vällingby on a sunny afternoon



An orthoptic centre at Mäster Samuelsgatan

three in a row (tic-tac-toe) ?

Maybe a bit to large to play with, but the game comes to mind. These are found in Hammarby Sjöstad, a new part of town still being built.


fountain of youth

Bathing in or at least occupying the fountain (if empty) at Sergels Torg is a strange local tradition. Here we see some merry youngsters celebrating (?) the arrival of spring.


what, us worry?

A merry gang hanging around by Tensta Video


divided we stand (2)

Don’t let the sun go down on your different points of view


Wailing Wall

A wailing wall is not what you’d expect to find in Jakob’s Church. Well, think again.



Myth: "Normal" means being able to learn the same things that other kids of the same age learn, in the same way, at the same time, at the same rate.

Reality: There are many different ways to learn. The world is a better place because we are not all the same. There are advantages to thinking in different ways.

source: Persistent Myths About Dyslexia



Time takes its toll in a beautiful way. Rissne by rust.


pockets of resistance (4)

Another icy Kungsträdgården memory from a winter (hopefully) gone by now. How many skating styles can you see here?


summer stage

Kungsträdgården (“The King’s Garden”) is more of an event location than a garden really. It does occasionally rain in the summer (mind you, rarely...) so this roof over the stage can come in handy...

colourful Tensta ?

To be honest, there's really very little colour to be found - at least where we were browsing. This is about the most I found. It's some kind of toy at the playground. I'm not familiar with how it works though (I haven't been a child in a long long time, maybe that's why)


Age of Enlightenment

The magical first afternoon of spring by Sergels Torg saw a steady stream of happy citizens resembling a colony of ants merrily rushing from and to whatever while enjoying the sunlight


One more fountain-pic

from the Stockholm International Fair, and if you want even more - follow the link on stockholmbypixels. I can't stay away from it, so that Webshot-folder is going to grow.....

pockets of resistance (3)

Just keep looking, there’s still some snow around. I snapped this one earlier today behind the hockey arena Vilundahallen in Upplands-Väsby.


rays of hope

The morning sun is exploring a corner of Tensta Church



photo: Patrik Elgh
Sunlight has been chasing shadows around the “Iron Square"
in the Old Town for seven hundred years

your ad here!

I was amazed to find a giant commercial poster on the façade of the Dome in Milan some years ago. Jakob’s Church takes the idea one step further. This time we’re inside. What’s next? Commercial breaks in the sermon?


another sign of the times

Seems to be a multicultural place - Tensta, judging from the flags around this clock hanging from the ceiling in the mall.

sign of the times

Feeling somehow excluded in Rissne


Maundy Thursday

Happy Easter from Tensta Centrum


you are my sunshine

Flash photography might not be enough
to impress this solar panel by Skeppsholmen


smoking can seriously damage

Standing tall: Nils Ferlin by Klara Church

no nudity please, we're a bank

Whoever did these, didn't have in mind that they might not be the appropriate ornates for a bank, but SwedBank is "living" in this building at Kungsträdgårdsgatan. I doubt though that too many people actually see these two....



This tool effectively ends County Council debates
in Gjörwellssalen. Enough said.



Not your average pick-up line on Skeppsholmen

round Zoo

photo: Patrik Elgh
A single roundabout dog at Danvikstull suddenly got company

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