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a palace for a PM

The Sagerska palace (the buildng in the middle) has since 1995 been the official home of the Swedish Prime Minister. The house was built in 1893, but there has been buildings on the site since 1640. The lighting is courtesy to two mega big spotlights operated by Swedish public service television.

Where? Here's a map!


stromsjo said...

Which goes to show that public service can be a good thing. Unless you’re inside trying to sleep of course.

Kiwi said...

"Laughing out loud" (LOL) would be the appropriate reaction from my side now.

Our new - he's still new, I guess - PM lives in Täby? Does anyone know? Stefan, you seem to spend your time in that neighbourhood. Could you clarify?

Stefan said...

Yes he does or did. I think there were problems to secure his estate well enough so he had to move. And in the serious (not) newspapers I remember I read that he got a new bed...
Well who could blame him...? I should have moved. He's the PM for God’s sake! ;-)

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