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"just gotta room for one more..."

Scandic Hotel in Upplands-Väsby wasn't exactly overbooked this winter evening


Stefan said...

A commercial for LG Mobile phone?

stromsjo said...

Ehm, not sure what you’re referring to?

Stefan said...

The big black phone in the middle of the picture.
Ahh it's a hotel ;-)

stromsjo said...

:) You had me confused there for a while. Judging from the frequency of windows being lit maybe more people were uncertain about the hotel status?

Z said...

With the lack of enough snow this winter, the usual winter tourist destinations here suffered greatly. It was sad to see all the chalets with the window shutters closed, indicating that the rooms were vacant. Your photo reminds me of that, but in a completely different way!

stromsjo said...

I think we’ll have to adjust our perception of what a normal winter looks like. Sad and worrisome.

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