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waiting for my bus

Kista is a commuting hub. Subway station above. Buses below. And fog all around.


wild Suburbia

A touch of wildlife by Skattegårdsvägen in Vällingby

the Cross

The cross on top of Täby Church. According to Wikipedia this is a Cross Pommee, or Pommee Cross, since it a has circular knob at the end of each arm. The circular knob on the end of each arm of the Pommee Cross represents an apple, and apples represent the fruits and rewards of living a good Christian life.


foggy prelude

Continuing the misty mood for a while. Why these searchlights by Rotsunda IP were beaming on March 1 we’ll never know. A bit early for football, I'd say.

misty suburbia

A misty view from Västerbron bridge towards Gröndal and Aspudden if I'm not completely misinformed.


a palace for a PM

The Sagerska palace (the buildng in the middle) has since 1995 been the official home of the Swedish Prime Minister. The house was built in 1893, but there has been buildings on the site since 1640. The lighting is courtesy to two mega big spotlights operated by Swedish public service television.

Where? Here's a map!


Here’s a wooden bench on Skeppsholmen.
Structures making patterns of life.


the Door

This door can be found on Täby Church. The door is from the 15th century. Behind it you find the weapon shed, that's where the men had to leave their weapons before they entered the church.


Snow, be gone!


the wall

Detail of a façade with a longship used by the vikings comming out of it. Seams though that the dragon has taken over the ship. The façade can be found on Skeppsholmen.

the hole in the ground

Someone is making a huge hole in the ground here. I really don't know what they are building, probably a large hotel or shoping complex or something. Or maybe both. The construction works can be seen from Bernts post "oh no, not you lot again.....". Just off the central train station in Stockholm.

making impressions

A month ago we had a pretty solid winter. An artistic snowplough driver took an extra turn in front of Rissneskolan.


grab a chair

I think we have one more free.....but this might be a little oversized, eh ? Found outside the Pampas Marina.

County Council

Landstingshuset (the County Council) by Hantverkargatan


with no apparent motive (2)

Migrating to a wireless network will be complex on Skeppsholmen


End of Season Sale

Some more snowy pixels from Sundbyberg remaining in store.
We want spring!



Fragmented sky over Lyckselevägen in Vällingby


hold my hand

Yet another glove lost in Rissne.
A small hand must have been cold on that day.



24 hour crusier. We have a plenty in Stockholm!

"there are still a couple of good seats in the front row, Sir"

Time to queue up for the first football game in Rissne


inside or outside, Sir?

Not all tables were occupied at this restaurant in Sollentuna centrum


shine on...

I wonder who lay down here? She(?) must have had something glowing inside her...
From the theme park at Jarlabanke bridge in Täby Kyrkby.

traces of winter

Following the tracks of winter in Sundbyberg. Looks like it made a turn right here.

oh no, not you lot again.....

Oh, yes. We're back. This time from Barnhusbron.


giant jigsaw puzzle

Not so long ago they all fit together nicely but here the ice by Skeppsholmen is becoming increasingly fragmented.

still not green

A follow up from Pixels... Gröna Lund from a little different angle and with a tree, still in winter sleep, steeling the attention. 41 days left... (17th March)


You don't want to come too close to these thorns, but admit that they are beautiful ? They're obviously from a cactus, and it's located in the greenhouse at Bergian Garden, called Edvard Andersons Greenhouse.

Infra Walk

We're back outside Scandic Hotel in Infra City, Upplands Väsby. As a matter of fact it’s fully possible to take a walk beginning and ending right here and this sign is a celebration of that astonishing coincidence. The concept is called Infra Walk.


divided we stand

Different points of view at ground level

four boats and a church

The modern vessels in Waxholmsbolaget's fleet. The church is S:t Jacobs Church.


playground for Vikings

A playground where they make men out of kids in Täby Kyrkby.

pockets of resistance (2)

Spring? Some of us aren’t impressed by the mild weather. Ice-skating continued in Kungsträdgården on Sunday.


"just gotta room for one more..."

Scandic Hotel in Upplands-Väsby wasn't exactly overbooked this winter evening

rest in peace

It's not healty to lay in the sun to long...
This piece of art can be found in the south east part of Skeppsholmen.

a quick note

Somebody dropped a note at Rissne subway-station. I can't read it. What does it say ? Is there a hidden message telling me that I missed Per's excursion to the music museum ? Who can tell ?

da capo

Revisiting this one. The Music Museum looks friendly and inviting as opposed to some other colossal museums I could mention. Never been inside though. Have you?


with no apparent motive

Not entirely sure what I was aiming for here... :) Subway station Hallonbergen this afternoon.

one or two

Two busses catched a foggy evening outside Danderyd University Hospital.

long shadows

The sun reluctantly sets after illuminating the Stockholm Music Museum

These boots are made for walking....

....and that's just what they'll do, one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you.... Thanks, Nancy (Sinatra), I needed that line :-)


diggi-loo diggi-ley

All the world's a stage. Who said there's no glamour in a Skoda?

Diggi-loo diggi-ley Let this miracle stay I could be whatever I will choose ...
(lyrics by Britt Lindeborg)

pockets of resistance

A defiant pile of snow in Kungsträdgården today

a classic

This vessel is one of the classic steamboats in Waxholmsbolaget's fleet. Västan was built in 1900 and is still running strong.

the warmest heart

Statue (by Ekman) outside Dramaten depicting actress Margaretha Krook. Hers was the warmest heart. Hers is the warmest statue. It's being heated.


sunset corridor

photo: Patrik Elgh
An empty corridor at the National Academy of Mime and Acting (Teaterhögskolan), to be relocated from Skanstull



"Hey, get lost, this space is occupied already. We ain't gonna move"


Holism and reductionism are complementary viewpoints. This particular tree by Hedvig Eleonora Church doesn’t bother. It’s got problems of its own.


The Temple of Food

Östermalmhallen is a food hall where you can find all kinds of delicatessens and gourmet food.

a bit of drama

Anyone for theatre? Next stop Dramaten.


the doors

Harvesting some sunlight by Hedvig Eleonora Church.

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