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in sync

Yes, they certainly are. This is team Rhapsody (Ytterby, Kungälv), performing well in the Swedish championship of synchronized skating, held in Tumba (a suburb to Stockholm). They ended up in fifth place. Winners in the junior class, were team Convivium from Gothenburg.

Here's team Seaside (Tjörn) - from the backside - equally well synchronized. They ended up in third place overall.
For those wondering (if any). No flash allowed, so the ISO is 800, which provided a barely reasonable exposure-time - hence the somewhat hazy and grainy pictures.

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stromsjo said...

My career within skating was very brief but probably a bit entertaining for those watching. I can't recall synchronizing with any other skaters. In fact, I was frequently out of sync with myself so I soon decided to move on to other challenges... :)

plenty more from Stockholm, Sweden - click on photos to enlarge!