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The sky's the limit, they say. In Rinkeby reaching beyond the roof requires a bit of luck.


Going skating with the kids on Medborgarplatsen


decorative fragments

More of that mosaic from Rinkeby, previously seen on Pixels

in sync

Yes, they certainly are. This is team Rhapsody (Ytterby, Kungälv), performing well in the Swedish championship of synchronized skating, held in Tumba (a suburb to Stockholm). They ended up in fifth place. Winners in the junior class, were team Convivium from Gothenburg.

Here's team Seaside (Tjörn) - from the backside - equally well synchronized. They ended up in third place overall.
For those wondering (if any). No flash allowed, so the ISO is 800, which provided a barely reasonable exposure-time - hence the somewhat hazy and grainy pictures.


the best is good enough

I suppose I'd get me some chairs too. Our office chairs have been designed for the harsh subarctic climate.

modern (?) Vacuum Sweeper

Now that I'm redoing the ceiling I'd better get myself a decent cleaning machine for the floors. This one, although not in mint condition, seemed to be available on Zinkensdamm subway station.


A Night at the Opera

I wouldn't mind a ceiling like this in my home


light included!

A mid-winter pause at Ulriksdal commuter station



A bit of moist and some algae is all it takes. Time hasn't been friendly to this wall at the Kungsträdgården subway station.

two chairs

Winter and freezing cold so there's no one on the balcony... Östermalm


exciting center

This sign is very true! Rinkeby center is exciting.



New snow, same old Rissne


moon on a cold tin roof

A dusky moment above Tunnelgatan


a room with a view

Liljeholmsbron, Stockholm

into the wall

The walk of life can be stressful on Mäster Samuelsgatan

tee time

I guess it will have to wait a while until the tee is green (bad joke perhaps, but I couldn't resist), it's gonna get hard to find the balls otherwise. For those of you who haven't found out yet - it's a driving range, located in Rissne.


connecting people?

With the exception of an odd poster, Norra Bantorget appears rather monochrome


an eye on the academy

Like most metro stations T-Universitetet is worth visiting with open eyes


being green

A shining sphere illuminates a roundabout at Bredden in Upplands-Väsby. Close-up here.

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