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exit strategy

Huvudsta centrum may be an incredibly dull shopping mall but they do know how to say "see you again soon" with flowers.

Huvudsta centrum, Solna (map) 1 September 2010


a colourful final

Go get that extra sweater and enjoy these glorious days of autumn.

Centralgatan, Nynäshamn (map) 28 September 2010


fading glory

Decorations at Norrmalm Square have seen better days.

Norrmalmstorg (map) 21 September 2010



One summer afternoon each year, the studio is open to fans and friends of friends.

Tollare, Nacka (map) 21 August 2010


return of the tram

After 43 years, tramcars are returning to the inner city. A gloomy epoch is ending.

Ryssviksvägen (map) 21 September 2010


four centuries later

The pulpit from 1599 in Ösmo Church. Without a tripod, this shot was somewhat tricky.

Ösmo kyrka, Nynäshamn (map) 28 September 2010


fair and square

Simple patterns at Norrmalm Square.

Norrmalmstorg (map) 21 September 2010

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